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Sometimes, searching for informative topics can give you a lot of trouble. However, when a team of professionals offers you a list of topics, you know that you can count on each of the informative speaking topics in the list being a real gem. So, let’s not waste any time – let’s dive into the pool of fantastic ideas for informative speech writing!


Informative speaking: Definition

First of all, keep in mind that you’ll always need to know the answer to the question, “What is informative speaking?” - because this is not just a speech on any topic.
An informative speech is a short presentation of a lesser-known issue and its explanation/description/demonstration.
In other words, an informative speech makes the audience know a topic better. It includes interesting details, facts, and recent research. Informative speeches aren't supposed to convince the audience. They only share knowledge to make a topic more understandable to the listeners.

The primary skill involved here is knowing how to choose informative speech topics that are not persuasiave.


Differences between informative and persuasive speaking

So what is the difference between informative and persuasive speech topics?

While the former gives information without uncovering the speaker's opinion, the latter seeks to convince and persuade.

Generally speaking, any topic about facts, events, trends, concepts, and so on can be made into an informative speech. The better a topic matches the idea of being informative, the more freedom you’ll have while writing your informative speech.


How to choose between a persuasive and informative speech

The main point is: what is your attitude to the topic?

If you can't hold back your emotion while speaking about ecological problems, then stop. Maybe this topic is a bad choice for your informative speech. But it would be the perfect issue to discuss while persuading the audience. By the way, you can find some excellent persuasive essay ideas on our blog.

When writing an informative speech, you shouldn't draw any moral, emotional, or political conclusions. Let the audience make their own decisions about the information they have heard. In fact, this is an essential feature of this type of work.

Now that you know the answer to “What is an informative speech?”, let’s see some great ideas for an informative speech and find dozens of informative speech topics for college students!


Informative Speech Topics for College Students: Brilliant Ideas

Consider these fantastic suggestions – each one of them is a real gem!

  1. The mystery of names: Discovering their history
  2. Differences in non-verbal communication in different cultures
  3. Insomnia and its causes: Blowing the cover off the old mystery
  4. Sleepwalking: Myths and prejudices: Do not wake him up!
  5. Something people never knew about WWII: Unknown soldiers and their deeds
  6. Anne Frank: The girl who believed in people’s good nature despite everything
  7. Things people never knew about space: Bordering a sci-fi novel
  8. Recent discoveries about neutrinos: Travel at the speed of light
  9. Unknown inventors: Chester Carlson and his Xerox machine
  10. The entire story of the Higgs boson: No parallel universe
  11. D. Squad against lung cancer: New prospects, new discoveries
  12. The invention of Segway: Down with the cars of yesterday!
  13. In the light of recent fuel issues: Storage of solar energy
  14. Stem cells as a probable solution to terminal diseases
  15. Newest methods of child upbringing: Success and failure


Informative Speech Topics for College Students: Speeches about…

Sometimes, oddly enough, you have to write a speech about speeches! And that’s not a joke – you really have to consider someone else’s public speech. So here’s a great guide on how to write speeches on speeches.

  • Pick a speech on a topic of interest to you.
  • Point out the issues in the speech that you agree and disagree with.
  • Introduce the subject to the readers.
  • Offer your key arguments.
  • Quote the original speech.
  • Write an effective conclusion.

Now that you’ve got the idea, take a look at this list of topics for speeches about speeches:

  1. “Give me liberty or death”: Patrick Henry’s ideas in the XXI century
  2. Barack Obama’s 2008 election speech: Facing changes
  3. Einstein on atomic proliferation: Against self-destruction
  4. The Apollo 13 emergency radio transmission: 200,000 miles from Earth
  5. Richard Jewel’s speech after being wrongly accused of Olympic bombing: Pleading not guilty

Take one of these ideas – and you’ll create the most powerful speech about speeches of all!


Informative Speech Topics for College Students: Presentation

In case you want to present a particular idea to the public, take a look at these informative presentation topics – they surely rock:

Informative Topics for Presentation

  1. The threat of global warming: Exaggerations, myths, and actual danger
  2. Predicting the ongoing economic crisis: The problems of 2012 economics
  3. Environmental protection vs. production and industries: Compromise can be found.
  4. An alternative for petrol can be found: The hydrogen engine
  5. The impact of wireless media on the modern world: Financial, economic, and political aspects

A unique and interesting informative speech topic is worth a million boring ones. Try any of the above, and you’ll see how deep and exciting they are!


Informative Speech Topics for College Students and… Others

Sometimes, informative and persuasive speeches mix into a peculiar cocktail. Read these persuasive topic ideas to make your informative speech even more impressive:

  1. Adoption procedures must be simpler: Eliminating the obstacles to family creation
  2. Using animals for people’s amusement must be prohibited: The other side of the circus
  3. Gay couples must be allowed to adopt children: Entering the age of tolerance
  4. Early education should be enhanced: Growing little genii
  5. Toys for children must not be a propaganda of sexism: Barbie is fed up with cooking.

Any of these topics would be the perfect choice for writing an informative speech. You can find more lists like this on our blog. But you may be wondering how to develop one by yourself.


Here are some tricks to help you with that:

  • Check out the topics on TED.

    TED has become a synonym for the word “idea.” You can visit this site whenever you need fresh ideas. Check out the headlines of videos and then watch a few to see which issues can be altered into informative speech topics about education, science, technology, and more.

  • If you are a subscriber of popular magazines like BBC Knowledge, Science, or Discover, skim through their most recent issues. The topics in these magazines are so unique that they couldn’t possibly leave an audience in boredom. In fact, these magazines are just as good of a place to find ideas for essay as TED. Because if you do so, you already have a reputable source to use in your speech!

  • Subscribe to some YouTube channels about education. For example, some #Education featured videos include “The Origin of Dogs” and “What if Everyone Lived in Just One City?” Aren't they perfect for informative speech topics about biology or sociology? Check out Vsauce and Veritasium as well.

These tips can help you develop your own topic for your informative speech. Moreover, because these resources contain a lot of useful information to read or watch, you’ll find tons of interesting examples on almost every topic.

So now you know the informative speech main principles and can distinguish between informative and persuasive speeches. You’re also ready to choose one of our brilliant topics or develop one by yourself! Despite some people saying that any speech by students is amateurishly done, the informative speech you’ll create is bound to be a professional achievement. With these informative speech topics for college students, you have excellent chances to get an A+ grade!