essay on electricityDo you want to write an impressive essay on electricity? Do you want to single out among the others and amaze your tutor with cool facts about electricity? Then this article is just for you!

In one of Ujjain libraries, India, one can find series of documents dated to X century B.C. These documents describe all the components necessary for making an electric battery.

So, you can devote your electricity essay to this very fact. Does it mean that people who lived 30, 000 years ago knew a lot about electricity? Does it mean that such electric battery was widely used in India? Answer these questions in your essay on electricity.

If you scuff your feet along a carpet without touching anything long enough, you will build up so many electrons that your fingers may explode.

Actually, you may even check this fact on practice. Just scuff your feet along a carpet for a while and then reach one of your dental fillings. You will twitch violently and cry out in pain. In your essay on electricity, explain how electrons work in this case.

Californian scientists learnt to produce electricity out of manure.

Are you shocked? Then, this fact is probably worth considering in your essay on electricity. In your electricity essay, tell how this finding was made. Mention in your electricity essay about Californian farmers who use this method of producing electricity extensively. Most likely, you tutor expects to see a detailed description of producing electricity out of manure in your electricity essay.

You can also tell about the negative effects of producing electricity. Particularly, you need to dwell upon environmental pollution. Use our ideas for essays on pollution.