Fireside Study with English gentlemans hat

Can you think of something more dangerous than fire?

It seems that all other kinds of disasters are no less hazardous, but fire…

Fire is merciless; it takes away everything standing on its way, including people’s lives.

This is why you have to be extremely careful with everything associated with fire.

Right at this moment, you also need to be rather careful and attentive. You are about to write a fire prevention essay, which means you have to deal with quite a serious issue.

As you can guess, saying something like “It is better to prevent than to cure. Everybody should be very careful when using matches, lighters, and other inflammable objects and substances” will not work if you want to write effective fire prevention essays.

These are just well-known facts that will not make your essay on fire prevention captivating.

You certainly need original ideas to cover in the essay on fire prevention.


So, here is a possible plan how to write essays on fire prevention.

What do you think about writing an essay on “fire prevention is the best option”?

When covering this issue, you can mention the following:


Fire prevention essays: suggestion #1

Supplying your house with fire safety tools is one of the most effective ways to prevent fire. In your fire prevention essay, tell about smoke alarms, their types, etc.

Nowadays, there are tons of information about fire safety engineering – the usage of scientific and engineering rules to prevent fires and protect people when there’s a danger.

For example, you can reveal the principles of smoke management systems. People get hurt not only because of flame – smoke is harmful to human organism as well. That’s why it’s important to understand the value of smoke management systems.

Fire alarms save a lot of lives too, but nobody knows how exactly they work. You can explain what elements fire alarm includes, and what you can do to increase fire safety with the help of that advantageous system.


Fire prevention essays: suggestion #2

Kitchen mishaps are one of the main reasons for residential fires. Data shows that 50 percent of fires at home in the USA were caused by cooking. It’s typically the leading cause of fires and is often provoked by people who treat the fire safety rules unseriously. Tell in your fire prevention essay what precautions can be taken to avoid such fires:

- Don’t leave the kitchen until you turn off the stove

- Keep things that can burn away far from the stove

- Never cook if you’re tired or sleepy – many fires were caused by people who fell asleep while cooking

- Don’t leave children alone in the kitchen


Fire prevention essays: suggestion #3

Fireplaces and all sorts of heaters are what millions of people use in winter to heat up. Discuss in your essay on fire prevention the correct ways of using these things:

- Don’t put flammable things near your heating device – one spark is enough to start a fire

- Turn off portable heaters and extinguish your fireplace before leaving the house or going to sleep

- Don’t let children use heating equipment

You can also reveal the safety rules of using a fireplace by presenting a step-by-step instruction on how to use it right.


Fire prevention essays: suggestion #4

One of the top causes of fire is smoking, which isn’t difficult to prevent. Write about simple rules to escape the danger.


Here are some fire prevention essay ideas:

- Don’t smoke at home – go outside to keep your house safe

- Don’t smoke before going to bed – most of the fires caused by cigarettes started in bedroom or living room because a smoker fell asleep

- Make sure that butts and ashes are out before throwing them away. Remember, small lighting can cause enormous fire

- Don’t smoke near flammable substances such as oil or gasoline

Then take some significant statistics on fire safety to persuade your readers that smoking is destructible, and we must avoid its negative consequences.

You can find some of the facts on National Fire Association website, for example:

- In 2011 there were 90,000 cases of fire produced by cigarettes

- 46% of people who don’t follow fire safety rules about smoking are older than 65

What type of essay should be a fire prevention essay?

Every essay on safety starts with the choice of the type you’d like to use.

Of course, it’s difficult to distinguish one type from another in the very beginning, but we’ll help you with some of them and even narrow several topics for you.

Here they are:

  1. Compare and contrast fire prevention essay

Write about advantages and disadvantages of two fire safety systems. Try to give as much information as you can, use analytical thinking, and carefully structure your essay.

  1. Persuasive fire prevention essay

Imagine that your reader doesn’t understand the importance of preventive measures in order of fire safety. Try to inform them how necessary these rules are and what consequences can follow if don’t keep to them.

  1. Descriptive fire prevention essay

What can persuade someone to stick to the rules better than an example? Describe one of the massive catastrophes caused by ignoring fire safety measures. You can add details, but don’t forget that your fire safety paper should have a message.


  1. Cause and effect fire prevention essay

Fire safety paper is an excellent example of cause and effect essay. Simply describing how can a little mistake grow into disaster, you can prove that fire prevention plan is obligatory to follow without any delays.

  1. Classification fire prevention essay

You probably found a lot of information about fire causes. That means you can take them together and divide into several groups. Notice the order you’re keeping to while writing. Fire safety tips also can help you organize a classification essay. Just divide them according to the place where they can be applied.

  1. Argumentative fire prevention essay

Whether you’re a rational person or not, writing an argumentative fire safety paper can’t be too troublesome. Just pick up a contradictory question which worth your investigation. For example, discuss if smoking at home is really as dangerous as some people think.

You can use one of the listed types to write a fire safety essay in English or choose another one. There are also no limits when you choose a topic – they range from fire safety for children to national fire prevention week activities.
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Also, there are always many official sources with figures and facts to help you write an essay on fire prevention or any other catastrophe essay.