Easy Book Reports: How to Prepare One in a Day

easy book reportYour book report is due tomorrow, and you have not started writing it yet. At a glance, the situation seems to be rather complicated, because a good book report requires more than one day to be completed.
However, if you know some strategies for making easy book reports, you have a chance to complete this task no less successfully than other students. Sure, we are ready to share the main secrets of writing easy book reports right now.
Easy book report: secret #1
First, decide on the right book for your easy book report. Since you do not have much time for reading and comprehending, do not pick fiction. Usually, fiction stories require a more thorough reading so that to get its meaning, symbolism, etc.
Easy book report: secret # 2
Think about your previous reports and teacher’s requirements. Do you remember how the teacher evaluated your past works? What does he/she expect from a good book report? Recollect all details to avoid mistakes and some flaws in your easy book report.
Easy book report: secret # 3
Try to get additional sources. Find critical comments on the chosen work; look through online discussions and forums devoted to it. Thus, you will collect additional opinions, which will look like you have viewed the work of literature from different angles.
Easy book report: secret # 4

Papers on Alexander the Great: Coming Up with a Topic Idea

essays on alexander the greatProbably, we will start this article with what everybody already knows, but it is true. Alexander the Great was one of the greatest military leaders of all times. In little more than a decade, Alexander III of Macedon changed the ancient world dramatically and created an empire that encompassed three continents.
We are sure you will enjoy working on your essay on Alexander the Great. There is a lot of information available almost about any aspect of Alexander’s life. Completing papers on Alexander the Great may be tricky only in terms of a topic you have to choose.
Have you already looked through free essay papers on Alexander the Great? What other students tend to discuss? What do they find interesting? Sure, we do not mean you have to copy their ideas and present in your paper on Alexander the Great.
On the contrary, we suggest you compare topics you find in free essays on Alexander the Great with what our writers have to offer you.
This is a short list of rather original topic ideas to disclose in essays on Alexander the Great.
Idea 1: strategic or tactic?
Alexander is most famous for his great battles and victories. By the way, do you know his the most significant battles?
In your essay on Alexander the Great, you can mention such battles as Gaugamela, Hydaspes, Granicus, and some others. But the main question we offer you to answer is “Was Alexander a great tactic or strategic?”
Idea 2: impact on the ancient world
Maybe, some of you will find discussing battles a bit boring. Then, essays on Alexander the Great can be devoted to what happened after battles. Tell about changes that Alexander brought to the conquered countries, how he affected the ancient world in general.
Idea 3: secret of loyalty

Research Paper Critique: It Is not about Ruining Someone’s Work

research paper critiqueIf you are asked to critique a research paper of one of your peers, do not hurry to “ruin” his/her work by leaving negative comments and making fun of some of his/her abilities.
Making a research paper critique means taking an in-depth look at various aspects of someone’s project, pointing out some drawbacks, and recommending some ways to eliminate them.
So, do not hurry to make a mock of your peer’s research paper. By the way, a bad research paper critique will only demonstrate your own poor knowledge of a subject and lack of some skills.
Anyway, if you do not know how to critique research papers, we are glad to help you. Follow the next steps.
Research paper critique: step 1
Read the whole paper and try to get its gist. What was the author’s purpose of making this project? Do not make any notes at this stage. If you do not get some parts of the paper, keep them in mind.
Research paper critique: step 2
Now, re-read the introductory paragraph. Do you remember that the main feature of a good introduction is a thesis statement? Can you easily find it in the paper? Can you understand at this stage what problem the author will address?
Research paper critique: step 3
Start to critique the research paper’s body paragraphs. Basically, they should consist of several points that support the thesis statement and prove that it is true. Pay attention to arguments, facts, evidences while making your critique of the research paper’s body. Are they solid and reasonable?
Research paper critique: step 4

Short Story Book Reports: Some Peculiarities You Should Know

short story book reportYou are right if you think that preparing a short story book report will be easier than writing a report on a big novel. You have to read less, which means there are less issues to discuss.
However, do not hurry to relax or put off work on your short story book report. First, find out more about some peculiarities of making short story book reports and then decide how much time and efforts it will take you to prepare one.
There is one rule that you should keep in mind when working on your short story book report: you have to retell 90% of your short story content.
Here are other points that a good short story book report should include.
Point 1
Introduce the title of your story, the name of its author, and illustrators (if any).
Point 2
Tell how many pages long the story is, discuss its genre, and briefly describe its main idea.
Point 3
Start retelling the plot in your short story book report. Describe settings, the main events and characters, conflict of the story, etc.
Point 4
Choose three characters to analyze in your short story book report. Particularly, you will have to focus on the following: personality, appearance, behavior, some background information about the characters, changes that they undergo.

Important Info about Harvard Law School Admission

Harvard Law School admissionAre you going to apply to Harvard Law School? Well, you must be a real expert in Law and just an outstanding person. Only really smart guys who possess some extraordinary personal qualities will pass the Harvard Law School admission process.
We are sure you have weighed all pros and cons and your chances of getting through the Harvard Law School admission procedure. We are sure this article will be interesting and useful for you. Let us talk about some peculiarities of Harvard Law School admissions and necessary Harvard Law School admission documents.
First, find out the exact deadline for all documents to be submitted. Start filling in Harvard Law School admission papers far before the deadline.
Second, there are two ways of applying. You may either do it online or fill in necessary paper application forms. www. law. harvard. edu/admissions/jd – here you will find necessary info about the electronic application process.
Third, all those who are involved into Harvard Law School admissions should:

  1. Take the Law School Admission Test;
  2. Be registered in the Law School Data Assembly Service.

Finally, here is a list of the Harvard Law School admission materials.

  • Application form – answer all questions and give as much information as possible here.
  • Statement form – it is your personal statement, which gives you a chance to tell the Harvard Law School Admission Committee about yourself.
  • Application fee.
  • College Certification.
  • Recommendation Letters.
  • Additional Information.

The committee does not use any computational methods while evaluating the applications. It means that you do have a chance to impress the Harvard Law School Admission committee and to be accepted to the School. So, good luck!

High-Powered Ideas for American History Reports

American history reportDo you think that writing an American history report will not be harder than writing an ordinary essay? If this is what you think, we have bad news for you.
An American history report is a bit more complicated and serious assignment. We know for sure that teachers pay special attention to the topics students choose for their American history reports. This is why our article is designed for those who have troubles choosing a good idea for discussion.
First, we would like to introduce you some basic principles of selecting a topic for American history reports.

  • Think of the period in American history that you are interested in;
  • Recollect major events and dates within this period;
  • Think of some famous people, outstanding leaders, and politicians associated with this period.

So, your American history report can be devoted to a significant event, person, or a certain period in general. Yet, narrowing a focus is absolutely necessary if you want your American history report to be effective.
Here are several examples for you.
American history reports: idea #1
Roaring 20’s was a significant period in American history, a period of some really important changes. Besides, this topic is not that frequently discussed as the Civil Rights Movement, for instance.
You can choose to cover many specific issues in your American history report. We suggest you consider the changes in social stereotypes regarding women.
American history reports: idea #2
The first half of the 21st century seems to be an exciting period to talk about in your American history report. What about George Bush’s presidency as the central idea of your report?

How to Write a Research Proposal – Free Hints

how to write a research proposalYou may face the necessity to write a research proposal in two cases: if you have signed up for writing a dissertation or you want to get a research grant. Anyway, the principles of writing research proposals remain the same. So, if you do not know how to write a research proposal, our instructions will be helpful.
Before we give you tips on how to write research proposals, consider one thing. Start working on your proposal by looking through research proposal samples. It is the most effective and quickest way to find out how to write a research proposal.
How to write research proposals: three big questions
All research proposals are about three main questions:

  1. What kind of research project are you going to complete?
  2. Why your project is significant?
  3. How are you going to conduct your research?

How to write research proposals: making a hypothesis
Hypothesis is the core element of your proposal, all the rest is just background scenery. Actually, your mission is rather difficult, and you should take time to come up with a good and strong hypothesis.
How to write research proposals: prove that your research is unique
No one is going to approve your proposal if you are not sure whether your research is going to be significant and results in some innovations or significant findings. How will you find out that your research is unique? Well, only after reading and analyzing related literature.
How to write research proposals: choosing approaches
Here we mean approaches to conducting research. Correctly chosen methods will help you achieve your goals. If you pick the wrong ones, forget about your proposal approval.
So, do you understand now how to write a research proposal?

Waiting for the Barbarians – Free Tips for Writing

essays on Waiting for the BarbariansWriting essays on Waiting for the Barbarians will be exciting for those who have read the novel by J.M. Coetzee. This outstanding South-African writer created a symbolic story of a nameless empire that was expecting the Barbarians to come and invade their lands.
If you want to get the author’s main idea and define some other key themes of the novel, it is better to read the book till the end. If no particular topic for your Waiting for the Barbarians essay was specified, you are welcome to examine the following list of our ideas.
Waiting for the Barbarians essays: idea #1
One of the ideas that will pop into your mind after reading the book is whether the Magistrate is an honorable man or not. On the one hand, he is the only person who tries to do something about the Empire’s injustice. On the other hand, it looks like he does not use all the power he has to change the situation for the better. Tell what you think about this character in your Waiting for the Barbarians essay.
Waiting for the Barbarians essays: idea #2
Tortures, both physical and mental, seem to be one of the central themes in the book. In your Waiting for the Barbarians essay, explain why the author chooses this particular issue as the central one. Give examples of physical and mental tortures.
Waiting for the Barbarians essays: idea #3
The theme of power is another issue for you to consider in Waiting for the Barbarians essays. Do you agree that people who have power should be responsible for other “helpless” people?
So, these are the basic themes raised in the novel that you may consider in Waiting for the Barbarians essays.
Our writers have ideas for many other Literature assignments, like Richard Wright essays or Flowers for Algernon essays. Follow the links and read our tips and ideas.

Secrets of Successful Oral Book Reports

oral book reportProbably, you have experience in writing book reports. You know how to analyze a work of literature and how to present it on paper. However, an oral book report is a bit different, and its main peculiarity is a public presentation that you have to give.
Public performance is a weak point of many students. This is why we want to share several secrets that will help you get ready and present a perfect oral book report.
Oral book reports: secret #1
Keep in mind one main thing about oral book reports – you are not supposed just to read an essay aloud. You will have to talk and find contact with your audience.
Oral book reports: secret #2
Read the book that you are going to present attentively. Maybe, you will have to read some passages several times. It is the only way not to look foolish and sound hesitant during the oral book report.
Oral book reports: secret #3
Oral book reports just like written reports should be arranged according to a certain structure. If you are not too ambitious and a C on your oral book report is enough for you, stick to the following structure:

  • Give the title of a book, its author’s name, and the year it was published in;
  • Define the genre of the book;
  • Describe the main characters and their traits;
  • Say a few words about the setting;
  • Retell the plot briefly;
  • Make conclusions.

Oral book reports: secret #4
We are sure that a C is not the grade you want to get on your oral book report. If you want to get an A+, you have to think of some creative ways of giving your oral presentation. Here are a couple of ideas for you:

  • Dress up as the main character of the book and tell what happened to you.
  • Dress up as a secondary character of the book. Tell what you have seen happening to the main characters.

Writing a Human Development Essay: 6 Theories to Consider

human development essayWriting human development essays gives an opportunity to find out fascinating facts about how we develop psychologically and physically from our birth to the end of life. Different psychologists investigated the field of human development, and now, you have to analyze those works in your human development essay paper.
Below, let us present 6 most outstanding theories on human development. So, you can choose one of them and consider in your human development essay paper.

  1. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
  2. According to Darwin’s Theory, people develop according to the characteristics inherited from their nonhuman ancestors. Do you agree or disagree with him? Express your point of view in human development essay papers.

  3. Sigmund Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory
  4. According to Freud, our emotions and motives help us develop. Include evidences to support this assumption into essay papers on human development.

  5. Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development
  6. Erikson approved Freud’s theory and added the following: society has the greatest influence on human development. In your human development essay paper, explain why you agree or disagree with this viewpoint.

  7. John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth’s Integrated Attachment Theory
  8. According to Bowlby, children’s behavior skills evolve because adults take care of them. Present and discuss this theory in your human development essay paper.

  9. Vygotsky’s Cognitive Theory
  10. According to Vygotsky, children’s minds are shaped by social and historical context in which they live. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach in your human development essay paper.

  11. Information Processing Theory
  12. Have you ever wondered whether thinking processes can change you? This is what Information Processing theory is about. It emphasizes that people are developing due to such mental processes as perception and memory. Talk about this in your human development essay paper.