Paper Writers Are you wondering who the best paper writers are?

Who is hiding behind the writers' ids and your amazing quality papers?

Who is anxious to help you with any academic trouble you get?
Meet our top 3 writers who have earned the highest rating and the most positive feedbacks from happy clients:

  1. Amanda has been with us since 2006. She is a very responsible writer. She takes every order seriously and she always clarifies all the unclear instructions before starting work on the order. She was a top student in the university and she knows everything about academic writing. She dreams of writing a sci-fi novel and she is currently working on its draft in her free time. Her imagination and energy seem to have no limits. If you want to complete a long order fast, she’ll handle it with pleasure.
  2. Diane has 96% of positive feedback on her orders. We don't know how she achieves it, but absolutely everyone is happy with her work. She is polite and talented and she is always happy to share her experience with students. Her favorite subjects include Literature, History, Art, Psychology, Sociology and others. She started working with us when she was an undergraduate student. As of now, she is satisfied with her position because her flexible schedule allows her to combine work as a paper writer, hobbies and social activity. Diane is a leader of a charity organization supporting the homeless in her native town.
  3. Jack is a paper writer, known for his punctuality, attention to detail and clear writing style. His favorite writer is Hemingway and Jack uses his main principles of clarity and simplicity in writing successfully. Jack does a great job, writing papers in HR Management, Marketing, Leadership Theories, History of Art etc. Jack is awesome in doing an online research. He can find the necessary facts and figures, no matter where they can be hiding. He has access to many valuable databases and clients are always delighted with his findings. Jack is a walking encyclopedia and a very sporty person at the same time. Someone could call him a nerd. However, Jack’s achievements in bodybuilding are a proof that he is an all-rounded person who has a wide range of interests and somehow finds time for everything.

If you want to get to know someone of your favorite paper writers better, please send us their IDs in the comment section below. We promise to share their stories (if they don't mind it, of course).