pay for essay "Oh, no. You'll get into trouble again," says Linda, my best friend. "Don't you understand they'll send you some plagiarized work? A friend of my friend knew a girl who had some serious problems after she paid for her essay..."

"C'mon bro, tell me you’re not going to pay for essay to one of those scam companies," insists my roommate Josh and immediately gets back to his laptop. In a minute or two, I hear him giggling at another meme on Facebook.

My Mom is in despair. She says that she and my father would never do that. Then she says she's close to a heart attack because I'm going to be a college dropout. Actually, 'heart attack' is one of her favorite manipulation tactics.

Of course, I have to say 'ok' and that I am not going to use custom writing services only to calm down everyone.

My fingers are trembling as I’m filling out an order form at Of course, I understand the risks. All the possible tragedies are standing before my eyes. What if they’ll fool me? What if my teacher gets suspicious? What if I get penalized because of this paper?

I close my eyes for a moment and weigh up all pros and cons. Then I open my eyes and quickly press the final 'confirm' button to dispel all my doubts.

After all, I would never do that task myself. It's too complicated and I'm too busy with my paid internship at a global corporation.

A few months later, at a family dinner on Thanksgiving, everyone is speaking about my GPA that skyrocketed in recent months.

"You see, there was no need to use that pesky online writing service. Only imagine what could happen," says my Mom.

"Yes, Mom. You were quite right."

Then Mom turns to Aunt Sally as if I were not sitting at the table, “He was going to pay for essay online. Haha” "Pf, he was going what?” asks Aunt Sally with her annoying voice, still chewing a huge chunk of a turkey. Then they sigh together and exclaim "Ah, the youths..." And they laugh.

Of course, there was no way I could confess that I actually did pay for essay. And I regretted nothing.

I keep silent and recollect how I worried when I passed the first paper. It’s my first time using custom materials form I’m afraid and anxiously wait for teacher’s feedback. And the feedback is more than positive. It's a true delight.

After I got my first A, I was happy and proud of my decision. To be honest, I still had some doubts. What if it was an occasional luck? I decided to repeat my successful experiment. I paid for a couple of essays more. And the results were more than pleasing:

  • 100% confidentiality;
  • decent quality;
  • original content;
  • no plagiarism;
  • convenient prices.

That's what I call a generation gap. Sometimes we simply can't explain something to parents and there are cases when I don’t even try to.