Summer Classes Students, beware: summer madness can make you lose track of time and reality. If that is the case with you, the return to school season can be really depressing.

However, you could avoid the depression by considering one unpopular option. Why don't you take a summer class?

Before you come up with all the 1001 reasons why you don’t want to be anywhere closer than a mile to college this summer, take a look at the top 7 benefits of taking summer classes you shouldn’t ignore:

Reason #1: Avoid Summer Learning Loss (SLL)

Surely, summer is your chance to recharge your brain. However, complete relaxation can have negative effects on your academic skills and score. Summer learning loss is real.

Reason #2: Reduce the Academic Load During the Year

Summer classes can help you reduce your overload during the following year. Do something useful in summer – in autumn, you’ll be grateful you did it.

Reason #3: Enroll in Most Popular Classes

As you know, some classes are so popular that they could probably beat Titanic's box-office success. Yet, the good news is that, in summer, they're all yours.

Reason #4: Get More Attention from the Teacher

At first sight, it may seem that this is not really an advantage. On one hand, you’ll need to actively participate to classroom discussions. However, on the other hand, you’ll have more chances for getting personalized advice and support. Believe it or not, but you may like getting more attention from teachers.

Reason #5: Graduate Earlier (or on Time)

Summer classes can give you a chance to graduate earlier without making much effort. Attend relatively relaxed courses, enjoy the friendly atmosphere and get one step closer to your desired degree.

Reason #6: Spend More Time on the Course

Furthermore, you won't need to fight such distractions as other classes, sporting events or dormitory parties. As a rule, it would mean that you will likely pass the course from the first attempt.

Reason #7: Forget the Problems with Parking

Not only classrooms, but other areas as well aren’t overcrowded at this time of the year. You may have any place in the parking lot, get free access to textbooks and other resources.

In other words, summer classes rock. Don’t you still agree that it’s something that’s worth doing?