Types of Poems to Write Well, let’s face it, you’ve seen a lot since you became a student. You’ve written thousands of reports and essays. Coursework writing is nothing to you. But… writing a poem?!

That’s a part of creative writing on any topic – and by far the best part, because the rules for poem writing are less strict than those for prose, especially when it's prose for academic papers.

However, you still have to know about all the different types of poems to write – just to be able to pick the one which suits your topic and mood. Are you ready for a head-spinning trip? Then let’s go!

Types of Poems to Write: Learn What Exactly You’re Dealing With!

With its different types, poetry is a genre in which literally anything is possible. Check, for instance, these poetry types:

  1. Sonnet; A sonnet is a lyrical poem of 14 lines.
  2. Epic poems; Epic poems honor heroes and describe their battles or adventures.
  3. Elegy; This is a poem made to honor a deceased person.
  4. Ballad; That’s the story of someone’s life, loss or love, written in verse (i.e., with rhyme.)
  5. Tanka; A Japanese form of poetry, tanka is widely known in the modern world. Tanka is a verse in which the first and the third lines are made of five syllables, and the rest of seven.
  6. Carpe diem; In this type of poem, the author communicates a certain wisdom, the lesson learned over the day (Lat. “carpe diem” – “seize the day”).
  7. Blank verse. Of all types poems can have, this one is the most extraordinary and recognizable. A blank verse is a poem with no rhyme in it whatsoever.

It’s up to you to choose which types of poems to write!

With the help of these different types of poetry forms, you can convey a specific mood through a poem, making it sincere and appealing to readers. Choose specific types of poem writing to express the exact feeling you want to!
For those who are desperately searching online for “examples of a poetry for school,” here is one of the most successful examples:

Blackness is white,
Redness is blue.
Darkness is light,
Lie isn’t true.
Pick one of the above types of poems to write a perfect verse of your own creation!

Types of Poems to Write: Guidelines to Create Fantastic Verses

In modern poetry, poems tend to have a specific feature which singles them out and makes them unique.

How to Write a Poem: A Guide

  • Choose a certain phenomenon/event/feeling you want to describe;
  • Grip the essence of the topic and use the words wisely to convey it;
  • Express your attitude towards the issue in question.

In case you cannot find a proper rhyme, remember that this can be a blank verse too.

Types of Poems to Write and Fascinating Examples: Kids’ Poems

You might be surprised, but kids love reading and even writing poems! So take a glance at these ideas for poems for kids by kids:

  1. Nature;
  2. My family;
  3. My favorite color/flower/singer/etc.

Check this as an example:

I have a cat, it’s very smart,
And we will never be apart.
A perfect specimen of poems by kids, this is also a sample for all those who want to master the skill of writing poems.
As example poetry, poem writing like this will help you understand the specifics of the genre:

Christmas Poem for Kids
There’s a funny little snowman
Standing on the hill.
Take a scarf, you, funny snowman,
You can have a chill!
One of the simplest specimens of the genre, a poem on Christmas is a good way to start writing. Just choose one of the many types of poems to write your own first verses!

For those who want to know what to write in a poem that hits the bull’s eye, here are some tips:

  1. Address the readers directly;
  2. Create vivid images;
  3. Use metaphors and similes.

Check some of the works by famous poets, and poetry writing will become a tad easier. Writing poems is much fun – just try to do it, and you’ll see it yourself!