summer internshipsLanding a summer internship is a great choice. Get the first work record, learn from professionals and stay tuned in a refreshing office. Sounds like a pool of opportunities, doesn’t it? The only spoilers are those HR managers who simply don’t see you are the intern of their best dreams. Why? Here are the top 4 reasons why you might be not getting the summer internships you deserve.

4 Reasons Why You Aren’t a Happy Intern So Far

  1. You ignore the formalities. One of the worst mistakes is taking summer internships for granted. Remember that you deal with serious people and you should behave appropriately. Spend a couple of your precious hours on composing a resume and a cover letter. Do your homework – show that you know something about the company you’re applying to. Dress decently and resist partying the night before if you are invited for an interview.
  2. You disclose too high expectations too early. It’s always better to be realistic about your qualification and the situation in general. Applying for summer internships is not an exception. Try not to forget that you are only a student who is going to learn valuable professional skills from experienced experts. Avoid writing that you aren’t going to fetch coffee or make copies of documents right from the start in your cover letter.
  3. You’re looking for a paid internship only. Sure, it would be great to earn not only invaluable experience but some money, too. Yet, in most cases, students work for close to nothing in money equivalent, concentrating more on their career prospects, professional connections and practical skills. If you’re choosing between an unpaid summer internship and no internship at all, you’d better take a quick look at the unemployment rate among college graduates and think twice.
  4. You failed to apply early. Sorry, dear, but this one is pretty hard to correct. It’s possible that your fellow students (who are actually your competitors now) could already have occupied most of the plum jobs. Only don’t give up. There are internship opportunities even for international students. Simply search harder, send more resumes, and start earlier the next year.

So, we do hope that none of the reasons will be your case and your summer internship is waiting for you just around the corner. Why not check your email right now?