Autobiography Meaning Student life can be full of discoveries. One day you will discover the essay, the next day the research paper, and someday you’ll definitely encounter… the autobiography. What is that thing? - you might be wondering.

Writing an autobiography is quite similar to writing a story. However, unlike writing an autobiography, story writing is less focused on the narrator making it a tad easier type of writing. However, if you check the autobiography definition that experts offer, you'll learn that there’s really nothing to writing an autobiography!

Autobiography Meaning and Definition: So Easy to Remember

By this time, a lot of questions might start to pop up, and the main one probably is "What is an autobiography and biography"? As a matter of fact, the definition of an autobiography is rather simple – check the following:
An autobiography is the author’s description of his/her own life.
That’s it – this is pretty much the definition of autobiography writing. Simple, isn’t it? However, there's one more thing to learn – the meaning of autobiography. To define the meaning autobiography writing has, consider the following idea:
An autobiography means a true story based on real facts.

Autobiography Meaning vs. Biography Definition: Mind the Differences!

The autobiography meaning is really simple – you've just had the chance to see that yourself; however, to define autobiography correctly, you’ll need to compare it to biography meaning first. Experts say: "To find the meaning of an autobiography, define biography first". So, let's take a closer look at the biography definition:
A biography is the description of someone's life.
Once you understand what writing a biography means, you’ll learn the meaning of a biography just as easily!
Another important question is "What does autobiographical mean?" To answer it, consider the main features of an autobiography:

  • veracity;
  • no personal opinions;
  • only key details.

That’s basically the answer to your question.

Autobiography Meaning and Classification: Types and Tips

There are a number of ways to tell people about your life – so there are several types of autobiographies. Follow a real pro's recommendations to get each of them right!

Memoir definition

Pick a specific period in your life to write about. Try to create a specific atmosphere – that's what makes the core of a memoir.

Conceptual autobiography

This is where an unusual experience becomes the main material for an autobiography. Accomplish something unusual and then write about it in an autobiography!

Religious autobiography

In case you have something to say about the way faith changed your life, you're dealing with a spiritual autobiography. Describe your most spiritual experience!

Autobiographic novel

This is where you can let your imagination go – just a bit. Try walking the fine line between fiction and non-fiction – it's exciting!

In fact, is close to a memoir meaning.

Autobiography Meaning and Striking Examples: A Top 10 Chart

However, to understand the meaning of autobiography writing completely, check some of these top 10 autobiographies ever:

  1. Benjamin Franklin: "The Autobiography & Other Writings";
  2. Anne Frank: "Diary of a Young Girl";
  3. Truman Capote: "In Cold Blood";
  4. Bill Clinton: "My Life";
  5. Nelson Mandela: "Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela";
  6. Helen Keller: "The Story of My Life";
  7. Hunter Thompson: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream"
  8. Jaycee Dugard: "A Stolen Life"
  9. Kendra Wilkinson: "Sliding into Home"
  10. Anthony Bourdain: "Kitchen Confidential: Adventure intothe Culinary Underbelly"

Autobiography Meaning and Writing Tips: Simple and Engaging!

  • Think of the key stages of your life to include in the paper;
  • Think of an original way to present the main facts;
  • Try not to be too sarcastic about people and events you describe.

Well, now you’re fully equipped to deal with all sorts of autobiographies – so plunge into the world of life stories!