best educational appsAre you snowed under with papers that are due in an hour or so? Don’t worry - we’ve come to save you! It’s the perfect moment to check out the following top 2 best educational apps.

Generate ‘Deep Thoughts’ with 1 Click

As crazy as this sounds, the first app on our list gives you pithy comments that are perfect for any artwork. We mean ANY. Simply check it out:
The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator
Whenever you feel inarticulate or verbally impotent, you can solve the problem with only 1 click. The authors of this free online phrase generator have created hundreds of thousands of original and uniquely interesting phrases for your art critiques. Insert a 5 digit number in the empty field and get your CRAP (Critical Response to the Art Product).
This software is one of the best educational apps ever. Even if you need help with subjects other than Art, you can still use this tool. Be creative – replace the art-related words with words from your field of study and see what you’ll get.

It’s Not Me, It’s My ‘Faulty’ Computer

The next tool on our list of best educational apps should be used in emergency cases only. It’s a handy procrastinator tool – File Destructor. It generates fake files, which look genuine but don’t actually open. You can choose the file size and type – choose from doc, txt, zip, img, xls, pdf, jpg and many others. Send it to your professor and oops – the file doesn’t open. But it’s not your fault, it’s your ‘faulty computer’.
Check it out, but be sure to use it responsibly:
File Destructor 2.0

However, if you have plenty of time, you'd better take advantage of serious language learning websites. As to the top 2 best anti-educational apps discussed above, they are just perfect for emergency cases.
What educational tools do you use? We hope you’ll share your personal secrets of academic success in the section below.