education traditionsSome aspects of US education can be shocking for foreign students.
The first trouble is ‘class discussion’ – take part in it or forget about getting a good grade.
The second nightmare is ‘cold calling’ – the teacher may ask you something when you least expect it.
Quite unusual, yeah… Yet, it’s nothing compared to the 5 strangest education traditions discussed below.

5 Strangest Education Traditions from Around the World

  1. Some African tribes believe that Europeans are ghosts, and Europe is a form of afterlife. This information is included in their school curriculum.
  2. Spain has an education tradition that really makes its education system seem a paradise for students. Until recently, Spanish students had breaks for siesta (the tradition, however, is becoming less popular). Lucky Spanish students get to do what other students can only dream of during boring lectures – they take naps!
    Don’t hurry to feel jealous though. They do feel refreshed, but they also have to study longer after having a good rest in the afternoon.
  3. Indonesian students have only 4 – 6 weeks of vacation per year. Moreover, the academic week has 6 days – starting on Monday and lasting till Saturday. Remember that and enjoy yourself during your several months of vacation.
    (It will be the only sad fact in this collection of unusual education customs from all over the world. Promise.)
  4. Vietnamese school programs include at least 1 hour of yoga every day. Yoga is believed to have a positive impact on students’ learning outcomes. That’s what sound mind in a sound body really means.
  5. Japanese students believe that KitKat chocolate bars bring them luck during exams. Why? The answer to this puzzle is pretty simple – the name of the chocolate bar resembles a Japanese expression ‘kitto katsu’ that is translated as ‘I hope you will win.’

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