things to do before you graduateIf you are a foreign student, you probably want to make as many good memories as possible. To help you make sure you don't miss anything, here goes a list of crazy things and great stuff to do before you graduate:

15 Craziest Things to Do Before You Graduate

  1. Text another student who is sitting at the same lecture and is about to fall asleep.
  2. Take part in a sit up protest demonstration against something (too much homework or the discrimination of lazy students can be perfect reasons.)
  3. Fall asleep with your face on textbooks while studying for an exam.
  4. Write a 10 page research paper overnight (and get an A for it).
  5. Occasionally find a video on Youtube, featuring you going wild at a party.
  6. Go to a blind date with a person whom you already know.
  7. Live a month on 20 dollars, after spending your money for a whole semester in 2 days only.
  8. Wake up 10 minutes before the lesson and still get to class on time.
  9. Start working on an essay early and turn it in 2 days before the deadline.
  10. Make copies of course materials the day before the exam.
  11. Play hide and seek on campus.
  12. Gain 15 pounds and lose 15 pounds.
  13. Forget to turn off Skype and let your Mom hear something she’d better not hear.
  14. Miss your national food badly and cook some dishes yourself.
  15. Argue with your roommates about whose turn it is to buy bread/ salt/ toilet paper.

Now Seriously: Things to Do Before You Graduate

  • Improve your language skills, reduce your accent, get acquainted with US culture.
  • Create a resume and polish it.
  • Find a part-time job or internship in the field you are interested in.
  • Create an account on LinkedIn and – even more importantly – update it regularly.
  • Change your privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter, so that potential employers cannot see something embarrassing (in case you or your friends are posting something embarrassing.)

Am I missing something on this list? Share your view of things to do before you graduate in the section below.