college essay helpDo you remember the tip about not using difficult words in your papers?

Forget it! How are you going to write your papers at college level then?

Here’s our emergency college essay help – a unique collection of more or less sophisticated words that can save almost any essay.

College Essay Help: Brief Academic Vocabulary

Word Meaning
accordingly properly, in a due manner
aesthetic having a sense of the beautiful
appropriate suitable for a particular case
consensus general agreement
converse opposite or contrary
counterargument a statement contrasting the main argument
eclectic combining parts from different sources and styles
entrepreneur businessman/ person who takes initiatives and risks
excessive going beyond the normal or permitted limit
implication - something that is understood without being directly said

- use of theory in practice

relevant suitable and connected with the issue discussed
significant important, having consequences
stakeholder a person or group who has a share or interest in something
unconventional atypical, free from clichés
viability the capacity to operate/exist

*Important: One of the main reasons why teachers recommend not using sophisticated words in essays is because students sometimes misunderstand their meanings. However, with this brief vocabulary, all the meanings are clear.

10 Words to Delete from Your Essays Right Now

Do you still feel that you need some more help with college essays? Here is one more professional secret that you’ll never learn from your teachers.

Don’t feel sorry to delete the following empty fillers from your papers:

  1. literally;
  2. kind of/ sort of;
  3. basically;
  4. actually;
  5. definitely;
  6. really;
  7. fact that;
  8. generally;
  9. some;
  10. certain.

So, now you know 2 more secrets of A+ essay writing.

With these 2 lists, you won’t even notice how you proceed to a new level of essay writing proficiency.

Good luck with your essays! Be sure to check out our future blog posts to polish your writing skills even further.