professor rating websitesDo you remember the last time you listened to a professor with your mouth open?
It’s ok if your answer is “I don't remember.”

There is no secret that not all professors are the same. Some can inspire you, but others can make you hate their subjects.

You’d prefer to know who is who before you choose your courses, right? These top 5 professor rating websites can tell you the truth about tutors and their classes.

Top 5 Professor Rating Websites for Your Attention

Why doom yourself to dealing with crazy profs? Just find your tutor on these professor rating websites and check his/her reputation:

  1. is one of the most popular websites in this category. It has more than 10 million reviews on more than 1 million professors. Students can rate teachers’ overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness and even hotness and leave brief comments concerning classes.
  2. was previously known as What is important about this site is that it provides not only traditional ratings, but also more detailed reviews of teachers and their classes. It will help you clearly understand what you are getting into.
  3. Uloop is a website with with college professor ratings. Moreover, this useful site offers an opportunity to publish and look for college classifieds at 1500+ universities for student summer jobs, housing and roommates, textbooks, scholarships, as well as student loans. You'll enjoy this place online!
  4. is a rich database of professor ratings from all over the United States (you can find the links to similar sites for other countries on the home page.) The service is free, and the entries are anonymous.
  5. is an excellent site with lots of detailed reviews. Some of students’ reviews are too emotional and sound like complaints of those who really had enough of their tutors. Be careful and try not to rely fully on opinions of offended reviewers.

Note that all these ratings are based on students’ impressions and can be rather… biased, you know.

To be honest, most students use professor rating websites as their weapon of revenge. The day of reckoning has finally come – now you can give bad marks to those who ruined your GPA. Well, letting off some steam won’t do any harm.

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