When to Do Homework Need a good strategy to win a daily battle with your homework? Here it goes!
The secrets to easy victory over your homework are TIME, LOCATION and MOOD.


There is no universal answer to the question when to do homework. Everyone’s biological clock is different. You can check yours by using this lark, hummingbird or owl test.
Tailor your schedule to suit your biological rhythms. Are you a lark? Great! Start doing your homework as soon as you come back home from college. Are you a typical owl? No problem! Take a good rest first and then get down to study (better if you do this before it is too late, because owls do need a good night's sleep too.)

These are some tips for all types on when to do homework:

  1. No big surprises. Check if you know and understand the assignment and have all the necessary resources beforehand.
  2. No choking on big chunks. Divide big tasks into small, manageable pieces.
  3. No all-nighters. Don’t be too cruel to your body, or it can take its revenge.


  1. Home sweet home. There is no place like your dormitory room for doing homework. If your roommate doesn’t think so, you may use ear phones or ear plugs.
  2. Welcome to the library. Ear plugs do not help? A college library can be your study shelter.
  3. Going for inspiration with a club. Need inspiration? Take your laptop and listen to the birds’ songs in a nearby park.


  1. There is life after homework. Your homework won’t last forever. Try to do it as quickly as possible and guess what? You will be free and life will go on.
  2. Where is my carrot? Choose some kind of prize – watching a movie, reading a book, playing a game etc. (the option of food treats is not a good one for rewards.)
  3. Make it fun. Try to organize a homework contest with your friends (who will be the first to do it) or write a rap song about your topic. Enjoy your study whenever it is possible.

5 No-Nos for Students

When you ask yourself "when to do my homework", many alternative ideas for simply "not doing it today" can come into your head. You'd better immediately send these sinful ideas away:

  • Why not text on Facebook? I’ve got the entire night for doing this homework.
  • I will ask my classmates for their homework to copy during a break.
  • I will get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to do all my homework.
  • I will miss this class. No class = no problem.
  • I will say I did it, but forgot it at home.

Do you have your own ideas on when to do homework and how on earth to make it fun? Share them in the section below.