First graduate jobWell, it looks like you’re going to become a college graduate and leave the realm of college soon. Don’t say you’re not going to miss it – you won’t fool anyone. But there’s something even more important to think about – your first graduate job and how you’re going to get it. However, if you’re going to handle all the difficulties of finding your new job alone, in the process, you’ll definitely know Tao. So check the text below for a couple of really useful pieces of advice!

First Graduate Job and All Unbelievable Legends Surrounding It

Welcome to your first graduate job! Say good-bye to all the myths you’ve ever heard about it – the reality will most likely be like nothing you’ve expected. Get ready for the fact that you most definitely won’t:

  1. work in your chosen domain or the precise position you had in mind;
  2. find a job immediately;
  3. do everything right;
  4. have only sweet and nice colleagues.

Before you write your first resume, check these other common misconceptions about graduate jobs.

First Graduate Job. Forget Spooky Tales: There’s Nothing to Fear

Despite the above, the good thing is that all the bad stuff you’ve heard as a student isn’t true either. Here are the most common unfounded fears:

  • “I’ll be dumped for the first slip I make”;
  • “Everyone will treat me like ****”;
  • “No one’s going to help me if I ask for help!”
  • “If something goes wrong, everyone’s going to blame me!”

Forget all that – it's not true! All you need is to be friendly, diligent and sociable, and you’ll fit in quite well!

First Graduate Job: Remember the Declaration of a White Collar!

There are certain musts and must-nots for those going through their first working experience.

  • stay at work till late;
  • take on too many responsibilities;
  • try to do all the tasks at once.


  • ask for help when you need it;
  • take part in corporate events;
  • offer help when asked for it.

That should do it – just follow these tips, and you’ll get along with your new colleagues pretty well.

First Graduate Job: Revelations for a Newcomer. Read Carefully!

  1. You’ll need time to be accepted as part of the team;
  2. Don’t rush in – give your colleagues some time to get to know and accept you.

  3. You’ll make mistakes as you learn new skills;
  4. Don’t cry over them – just learn from them!

  5. You’ll have some conflicts with some of your colleagues sooner or later.
  6. Don’t try to pretend there’s no conflict – solve it instead.

Try following some of these pieces of advice – and you’ll become a seasoned professional soon.