internships for international studentsWho said there were no internships for international students? This post is here to bury the most popular myths about volunteer job opportunities for foreign students in the US.
Are you ready to give your head a shake? Here go the myths and the truths:

Myth No. 1: VISA

False: There are no such things as internships for international students.
True: Lots of colleges offer internships for international students. Simply check with your college to know if you can apply for one.

Note: Beware of the risks of violating your visa's status. Do it right and receive proper foreign student work authorization. Otherwise, things can go as far as deportation.
Do you wonder what is meant by proper work authorization? These are the main internship options for foreign students with different kinds of visas:

  1. F-1 Visa - CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and OPT (Optional Practical Training);
  2. J-1 Visa – AT (Academic Training).

Learn these terms and abbreviations – they really can come in handy.

Myth No. 2: PRACTICE

False: Internships are good only for resumes, because interns usually do jobs that do not require professional skills (sort out papers or even wash the floor).
True: Even though there are bad guys who try to exploit poor interns, you still can find quality internships as well. “Quality” means here that you can observe professionals at work and participate in meaningful activities that will help you develop industry-specific practical skills.

Myth No. 3: SALARY

False: All internships for international students are unpaid.
True: Internships can be paid or unpaid. In return for their work, interns can receive payment, academic credits or only experience. As a rule, students do not receive payment if they receive academic credits for their internships.
Sometimes, an internship can be your one and only chance to start your career or even build professional contacts, receive an employment-related green card and settle in the US for good.
Do you have any additional thoughts concerning internships opportunities for foreign students? The section below is waiting for your comments.