social networks for educationSocial networks can boost your college experience and this is not about tagging friends on hangout photos. Thousands of students use social networks for education. Are you among them?

5 Social Networks for Education to Boost Your Learning

What about joining a social network for education (if you haven’t done so yet) and studying with your friends using the best innovative methods? Let me guess – your answer is “yes” or at least “why not”. Right you are - this method is definitely worth trying.
And the best places for starting your online social learning are the following:

  1. Learnist is now in its beta version, which means it is still under development. This community helps everyone share what s/he knows. Experts in different fields upload the best online learning materials (videos, tutorials, documents and e-books) on their Learnist boards so that you can find them all in one place. And do you know what’s even cooler? These boards can be used for free by everybody.
  2. Edmodo is a site just like Facebook, but meant for education only. Users publish their study interests and achievements on their profiles. Everyone posts quotes of writers and philosophers and shares scholarly articles. It is quite different from traditional social networks, but definitely worth trying.
  3. Einztein is maintained by a team of administrators who collect and share quality online learning resources. Open and closed communities live side by side at Einztein and offer a way to enjoy smarter education for everyone.
  4. QuizMEOnline allows creating quizzes, flashcards and study guides, as well as using materials made by others. It perfectly suits the needs of visual learners.
  5. Diipo connects students with their teachers, teachers with other teachers, and students with other students. Its features include direct messaging, uploading and sharing files and micro-blogging. As you see, it is all about connecting learners and educators and creating workplaces for their collaboration.

Top 5 Contributors Worth Following on Twitter and Facebook

Good old Facebook and Twitter can be excellent social networks for education too, if you use them right. Why not become a fan of several top education resources providers and read their news feeds? These are only a few suggestions:

  • US Department of Education -,
  • USA Today College -,
  • Cengage Learning -,
  • The Guardian Higher Education Network –,
  • Edudemic -,

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Are you already using social networks for education? Which ones? Do you like them? Share your experience!