College SafetyNo fire safety tips this time! Sure, you should turn off everything when you leave the room. But college life is full of other dangers as well. Let’s see what college safety means to an ESL student in real life campus setting.

Top 7 Dangers on Campus

  1. Failure to study. At a first glance, it may seem that college life is like a big party. Having no parents’ control and no curfew hours can blow your mind away. Absolute freedom becomes a heavy burden for some students. One more pitfall is to try to juggle work and studies and prioritize the job. Rule number 1 to college safety is to set aside enough time for attending college and doing homework no matter how busy your schedule is.
  2. Studying too much. Some students can go to this extreme too. Long study days and even longer nights can lead to a nervous breakdown and overall exhaustion. Do not forget to have regular meals, good night sleep and even some fun.
  3. Freshman 15. This term denotes the 15 pounds, which most freshmen are likely to gain during their first year in college. However, this is not the result of a mysterious curse of all freshmen. The phenomenon of Freshman 15 has sound reasons – fast food, psychological eating and the lack of exercise. So, brain-boosting menu choices and regular exercise are highlighted as very important points in this college safety guide.
  4. Property. Life in the dorm can resemble life in a gypsy camp, where absolutely everything is for sharing. However, sharing the carpet does not necessarily mean that your roommate can also use your laptop without your clear permission. You should not be embarrassed to express your concerns. Also, you should lock your room every time you leave it (even if you go just for a moment to a friend living next door to borrow a book.) Your dormitory neighbors can seem really nice, but you definitely cannot trust all of them.
  5. Credit cards. Money does not grow on trees. And money from your credit card is not a free gift. Spending too much and underpaying are the two main dangers of credit cards, which can make students go bankrupt.
  6. Homesickness. Living on the other side of the globe away from their family, ESL students can feel badly homesick. And the situation gets even worse because there is no option to go to see Mom on a weekend. The best solution is to talk to your parents on Skype and try to find your second family on campus.
  7. Language and culture barriers can make ESL students feel lonely. However, it is within your means to cross cultures and feel relatively comfortable in a foreign country.

Sure, apart from the above-discussed top 7 dangers, campus reality poses other risks to college safety: bullying, fraternity hazing, Internet addiction etc. This does not mean that you should be afraid of everything, but some extra caution definitely won’t do any harm. And which college risks would you add to this list? Please, leave your comments in the section below.