ESL websitesWith today’s technological advancements, only lazy bones do not practice and improve their English online. Specialized ESL websites can help you talk to native speakers, reduce your accent, learn real life English, and fight the fear of speaking a foreign language. This article will give you links to 5 amazing free language learning sites.

5 ESL Websites to Kick Up Your Language Skills

Today, you do not have to learn set expressions from outdated textbooks only to know that these phrases sound 19-century like and make an average American chuckle. Learn English online from those who really speak it as their native language. It would be crazy not to switch to these innovative language learning solutions.

  • English, baby! This site is a perfect place for learning English and finding friends. Use English forums, text with somebody in chat rooms, watch free video lessons, take English quizzes, find friends and… enjoy what you are doing. It’s English, baby!
  • The Mixxer – language exchange site for everyone. You will need a Skype account for using this site. It works like this: you find language partners, talk to them via Skype, write a blog and receive corrections from competent users. Yes, it’s that easy.
  • Verbling. You can sign up using your Facebook account. Find your ideal partner - somebody who is a native English speaker and wants to learn your native language (for example, Chinese) at the same time. Speak English 5 minutes and then speak Chinese (any other language) 5 minutes. Do not forget to have fun.
  • Many Things. If you still feel uncomfortable speaking to other people, you may use free audio games on this site to have as much American English pronunciation practice as you wish.
  • Transparent Language. This site has plenty of free resources, such as language quizzes, language learning software and proficiency tests. You can be sure to dig out some gems here.
  • Val Dumond. Here you can take grammar quiz and find many useful links and resources.

Avoid Common Pitfalls of ESL Websites

Like anything else in the world, the above discussed ESL websites have their potential drawbacks as well. You won’t however mind them too much if you do your best to avoid the following pitfalls:

  • be careful when you ask a question on forums or blogs – ask politely and try to choose the answer of experts or native speakers over others;
  • do not be a bore – open your mind and enjoy what you are doing;
  • do not expect miraculous progress after the first lesson or quiz – try again and again.

Make use of innovative technologies to their fullest. No more cramming and chanting of new words! Instead, visit the ESL websites from this list and tell us which of them you like best (leave your comments in the section below.)