news for studentsDo you know what is the main sign that you study too much? It’s when your friends’ posts on Facebook make no sense to you, because you have no time to watch TV and do not know the latest news. Let’s review top 5 recent news for students, because they might indeed be a good source of humor.

News for Students: Nation and World

1.Tropical Storm Isaac
If someone makes jokes about this storm (something like posting the caption “We will never forget it” under a picture of an absolutely peaceful landscape with a single overturned chair), you should not hurry to laugh out loud. Before you decide to re-share that or post a “lol” comment underneath, you should be aware that Isaac killed 24 people as it moved over Haiti and the Dominican Republic. That’s why the jokes about “never forgetting it” are not funny at all.
2. West Nile Outbreak in America
Another group of current jokes are those about the West Nile virus epidemic. This deadly virus that can be spread by mosquitoes was recently reported in the United States. It already caused the death of more than 60 people. Not a funny thing either.

News for Students: Technology

3. Samsung Pays Apple $ 1 Billion
Finally, we’ve found a wonderful subject for jokes (no matter whether you are a fan of Samsung, of Apple or do not care for either of them.) Samsung was accused of copying the design of Apple’s i-Phone. Guilty or not, Samsung paid the penalty. Now every student knows the potential cost of cheating and plagiarism.
Do Not Believe the Following Gossips:

  • Samsung pays $ 1 billion to Apple with 30 trucks of 5 cent coins (even photos of trucks can be faked, so don't let them fool you);
  • Bruce Willis sues Apple over iTunes ownership rights.

News for Students: College Life

4. Harvard Cheating Scandal
Did you know that 125 Harvard students have been accused of cheating in 2012? A professor thought that their answers at the spring take-home exam in 2012 were identical or too similar to be a coincidence. It is the largest cheating scandal ever. It is unbelievable how sophisticated today’s professors get in detecting students’ attempts to cheat.
5. Dress Codes for Teachers
One more wonderful subject for jokes is the strict dress codes for teachers (surely, if you haven’t added your teachers as friends yet.) New dress policy regulations prohibit teachers from wearing tattoos, piercings, jewelry and extreme hair colors. At last, teachers will find out themselves how it feels like to have a dress code – that will perhaps make them more sympathetic to students’ plea on this topic.
Here’s the conclusion of this review of the latest news for students:

  • Google it before laughing at it.
  • Do not believe everything you find on the web just because it has a photo next to it.

Do you have something to add? Please, join the conversation and leave your comments in the section below to discuss this or other significant news (such as the landing of NASA's rover Curiosity on Mars, for example) that can be interesting for students.