Halloween costume ideas for studentsDo you want your future predicted for October? Your fortune cookie says: “You will have fun at a Halloween Party.”
Did you say you have no costume? I am not a fairy godmother, but I’ve prepared several cheap and fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for students.

  1. Student Zombie. Nerds can really look like zombies. Combining the costumes of a nerd and a zombie is a cool Halloween costume idea for students. All you need is a pair of old glasses, some striped pants and a ridiculously patterned tie. Wear the pants high up your waist to show as much of your long socks as possible. Part your hair on the side. Add the elements of zombie image: dark spots under your eyes and drops of red paint (blood) on your face and clothes.
  2. Facebook Profile. Imitate the layout of a Facebook profile on a large sheet of paper. Include interests, friends etc. Make a hole where the profile pic is usually placed. Poke your head through this hole. Bring a marker to update your status during the party.
  3. Old Technology Ghost. Creativity will help you stand out from the crowd of other ghosts at a Halloween party. Choose an unusual character, such as “dead technologies,” for example. Why not use floppy disks and rolls of film for old cameras (or other stuff that is now obsolete) for your ghost outfit?
  4. Global Warming. Bring a thermometer, a scarf and a hot water bottle. Yes, I know that global warming is not funny at all. It is, however, truly frightening. “Trick or treat – it’s global warming!”
  5. Error 404: Costume Not Found. This costume is a perfect last minute solution. Simply find a white T-shirt and use a marker to write “Error 404: costume not found” on it.

Have you already chosen your favorite outfit? Or, maybe, you’ve got your own Halloween costume ideas for students? I would be happy to read your comments in the section below (before and after party responses are both welcome).