How to Write an AutobiographyWhen you need to write your own biography, you can suffer from severe symptoms of self-criticism. “I am just an ordinary student and have no outstanding achievements yet” or “My best memories are not appropriate for sharing” – you can think to yourself. Actually, even in this case, you can write a truly interesting life story. Are you ready to learn how to write an autobiography that rocks?

Check out these truly valuable tips if you hate writing something that sounds exactly like the rest of all those bleak “was born – went to school – went to college” autobiographies.

How to Write an Autobiography: Core Principles

Here are the top secrets to writing something interesting about the ordinary life of an ordinary student:

  1. Style and tone. Be sincere and be yourself, because everyone likes that best. Do not wash your dirty linen in public, but feel free to share important information from your past. For instance, you should not write about your quarrels with a girl (boy) friend. However, writing about parenting style and traditions in your family can be a good idea.
  2. Perspective. You can choose an original and unexpected perspective for telling your life story. Unlock your imagination and forget about any limitations when making this important choice. Feel free to use time travels or monologues of inanimate objects if you feel that this can intrigue your readers.
  3. Form of presentation. Unless you are assigned a specific format, you can experiment with the form of your biography. For instance, you can choose a literature genre, such as a poem, a comedy or a tragedy and use this format. Alternatively, you can use an unusual structure, such as starting from the conclusion and including the rest of the parts later in the paper. Another option is writing a letter to your 5 years older self.

How to Write an Autobiography: Sample Topics

You already know the simple, but effective answers to the question “how to write a memoir?” So let's go now one more extra mile and offer some topic suggestions that can save plenty of your time and nervous cells:

  • your life from the perspective of your cat, dog, goldfish or any other pet;
  • your life seen through the eyes of your computer, car, umbrella etc.;
  • a news report about an important event in your life;
  • a fairy tale about the turning point in your life;
  • a tour at the museum of your best memories;
  • one phrase which you will remember throughout your life.

To get even more ideas for your memoir, you can check this list of informative speech topics. With all these amazing ideas and suggestions by your side, the question “how to write a life story” does not seem so frightening anymore.