Examples of college essaysOf all essays, college papers seem to be the hardest ones to write. They demand a specific structure, a specific format and, what is even more important, a specific take on the writing process.

Examples of College Essays and Topics: Something to Remember

Actually, there are usually just a few questions you need to answer for any college admission or college application paper, so you have all chances to take the first prize – just check the most popular topics:

  1. Telling about a turning point in your life/education;
  2. Telling about the most important experience of your studying/career;
  3. Describing the person who has had the greatest influence on you;
  4. Describing the person you consider your role model.

Of all essay ideas for college papers, these are the most common ones. For instance, take a look at this excerpt of an example application essay:
College Application Example: The Turning Point of My Studying: Realizing What My Vocation Is
I definitely remember seeing a lawyer on TV as a kid and thinking to myself: “What a waste of time.” However, as time passed by, I learned that Providence has quite a sense of humor. After giving evidence in court and watching a real lawyer doing his job, I understood that this was exactly what I wanted to be.
It’s really simple – just focus on your experience.

Examples of College Essays: Guidelines for Cool Admission Papers

What you need to know is that there is a slight difference between an application for college and an admission paper:

  • An application paper is more general – it suits any college;
  • An admission paper is more specific – you apply to a certain college.

Follow good essay examples – and you’ll definitely make it! For instance, check this example of application essay writing:
Example of Good College Essay Writing: An Application Essay Example
Having a role model always seemed such a pointless – or even stupid! - idea to me. Indeed, why to copy someone else’s mistakes when you can make your own? However, things changed when I got acquainted with Mrs. Stevenson, who changed my life completely.
Among all the skills which I learned from Mrs. Stevenson, the one of expressing clearly my own thoughts and ideas is the most important. Despite the fact that I always tended to talk quite little and found it hard to communicate my ideas, following the example of Mrs. Stevenson, I managed to convey my arguments easily.
Now that I see how important it is to have a model to reach to and to perfect my skills, I can take other people also as examples to follow. Moreover, I finally realized that there is nothing to be ashamed of when trying to do exactly the same thing as someone else does. The mere fact that I am doing it myself proves that following a decent example is worth trying.

With application essay examples like this one, you’ll definitely make it to the top!

Examples of College Essays: Guidelines for Application Papers

To see the peculiarities of an application for college, you don't need to go through all possible essay application examples – it's enough to check a single – but very good example, such as this one:
Example of a college application
Choosing a career must be one of the hardest choices that people face. Having developed a range of versatile qualities and skills, I found it quite difficult to figure out which field exactly I would like to pick. It was not until I was assigned to interview an author of numerous short stories that I realized I wanted to become a journalist.
One of the first skills that I acquired was how to make correct stylistic choices. Understanding the way in which this or that phrase affects readers and their perception or even understanding of the text, I soon found the new ways to attract and keep the attention of an audience with my writing.
I am striving to become a master of journalist art. Through the study of articles written by famous journalists and the analysis of their various stylistic peculiarities, I have acquired a number of new skills. However, there is so much more still to learn in this field – and even more to achieve.

Well, that’s what anyone would call a good example of a college essay! Follow such good college essay examples, and you’ll create really impressive pieces!

Examples of College Essays and Thesis Statements: Check These Tips

To write a fantastic paper, an example of good college essay writing is not enough. Whenever you deal with a thesis statement in college essay format, remember to include the following elements:

  1. the premises of the research;
  2. the description of key facts;
  3. the hypothesis to prove.

For instance, check this sample thesis statement, an excerpt from the best example of essays for college:
Because I felt I lacked some of the skills required to become a fully-fledged journalist (the premises), I decided to research the most famous journalists and their features of writing (the fact) -this allowed me to discover and improve my own, distinctive style(the hypothesis to prove).
That’s what makes a good example of college essay thesis statement!
With these college application examples, you’ll surely make it to the top! So what are you waiting for? Follow a good college essay example such as the one above and create your own fantastic papers!