Types of writingAt first, writing seems easy – all that it takes is to get a pen and a sheet of paper. However, as soon as you start writing, you realize there’s more to it than meets the eye. And it is a complete mystery… until you define and pick one of the many types of writing.
So let’s deal with the different types of writing and find out how to make efficient use of them!

Types of Writing Styles: Remember Their Features and Specifics!

Before you ask “What are different types of writing?”, here’s a newsflash for you: there are writing styles and writing genres, so you can’t just have all types of writing handed to you in one go. So, what are the different types of writing styles, you might ask? First of all, check this:
4 Types of Writing Styles
Expository Writing
Pick a phenomenon or an object that requires a precise definition and thorough description and write about it.

Descriptive Writing
Define several aspects of a certain phenomena/features of a certain person and provide a detailed description of them.
Narrative Writing
Pick a specific event in your life/think up one and tell about this event in an exciting and innovative way.
Persuasive Writing
Choose a controversial or arguable issue and take one of the existing positions/create your own one. Structure your paper in such a way that readers could be fully convinced by your point.
Types of Writing Forms
Actually, there is a number of writing forms – too many to describe them all at once. What you’ll see is a list of the most frequently occurring ones.
Essay Writing
Often with a five-paragraph structure, an essay is supposed to discuss a certain issue briefly and prove the thesis statement made at the very start.
Report Writing
Choose an event of social/political/economical/ etc. importance, state the issue and provide a brief account of the main conclusions made by the participants.
Thesis Writing
Develop a complex hypothesis for a certain problem and research it's validity, relying on a certain theory.
Knowing different writing types and their peculiarities, you’ll be able to write literally any paper. Now that you’ve learned the basic forms of writing, read also about genres – that will surely make everything clear.

Types of Writing Genres: Consider the Assignment Classification

Once you split assignments in different types, writing will become as easy as it can be!
Types of Writing Genres
Non-Fiction Writing
Base your paper on a number of authoritative opinions. Use trustworthy references and follow an established structure.
Fiction Writing
Create a story or consider telling a well-known one from an unusual viewpoint.
Creative Writing
Think of a unique way to interpret/introduce a certain problem – develop your won writing style. Use appropriate stylistic devices (e.g., litotes, metaphor, metonymy, etc.)
Technical Writing
Use the appropriate terms to describe mechanical processes or the functioning of a given technology. Incorporate both theory and its practical application.
Business Writing
Focus on a certain aspect of business and consider an existing problem, using the required and appropriate terminology.
Just remember these types of writings, and you’ll write a paper worth an A+!

Types of Writing and How to Deal with Them: Expert Guidelines

Finally, to succeed in any type of writing, remember these tips:

  • Define the style to use and its peculiarities;
  • Develop a strong and logical outline;
  • Offer your solutions to the problem.

Congratulations – now you know every single secret of paper writing. Now pick any type of writing and start creating your own paper – it’ll be a lot of fun!