behavior in collegeIt is a universal truth that appearances can be deceptive. Why not take advantage of this simple principle and use it to produce an unforgettable positive impression on your teachers? Let’s convince them that you are incredibly smart and deserve only the highest grades!
Learn the basics of behavior in college and take the following effortless steps to build up a perfect reputation.

Extreme Study Tips

If you are a desperate fan of academics, you can try the following strategies:

  • always sit in one of the front rows and raise your hand whenever a teacher asks a question;
  • be the first to enter the classroom and the last to leave it;
  • make notes of every teacher’s word;
  • show your enthusiasm - ask what additional assignment you can do for an extra credit.

Warning: Beware of some serious pitfalls of the above-discussed strategies! For instance, when you ask for an additional assignment, your teacher might readily give you one.

Hot Tips

Do you feel that extreme study is not right for you? Do not worry - you can still appear rather smart in the classroom. The following truly valuable tips do not require that you turn into a bookworm or library zombie:

  1. Dress and behave appropriately. Do not show too much skin and piercing. Use only little makeup or do not use any at all.
  2. Wear glasses if you need them. Due to common stereotypes, glasses can make you look much smarter. Feel free to use this dirty trick to add some points to your reputation score.
  3. Always look into your teacher’s eyes. Try to look as if you are totally absorbed by the subject matter. Even if you are listening with only half an ear or dream of the fried chicken you are going to eat after the lesson is over, look at your teacher. You can even develop the habit of nodding to his/her words from time to time, as if you had come to the same conclusion last evening. However, you should not go too far with it. Otherwise, your teacher might ask you if you have something to add.
  4. Always take notes. Even if you prefer to draw flowers and broken hearts in your notebook, try at least to imitate some sort of writing activity. Be sure to take real notes if your teacher can somehow see your notebook. Also, check out this article on why taking notes is not dead yet in our modern world.
  5. Ask relevant questions. In this way, you can show your interest and analytical thinking. Avoid asking something obvious or something that has been fully covered in the syllabus.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you already understand the main dos, let’s discuss also some of the don’ts of proper behavior in college. When in class, by all means, avoid:

  • having your phone ring (set it to silent mode!);
  • yawning, sleeping, and snoring;
  • misspelling the teacher’s name;
  • saying that you did not know that the assignment was already due;
  • saying that you came to the teacher’s office, but s/he was never there.

As you see, apart from studying hard, you can take a few effortless steps to add some points to your reputation score.