Different Types of Writing StylesDo you think that prose and poetry are the only 2 main types of writing? Actually, there are a lot more of them. For example, narrative, descriptive, analytical and argumentative papers are the 4 different kinds of writing styles which are most frequently used in academic writing. Let’s discuss each of them in more detail.

Different Types of Writing Styles: Tips and Examples

A clear understanding of the main specifics of different forms of writing styles will help you write first class papers and receive excellent grades for them. So, let’s see what your teachers want to see in each different type of papers:

Narrative papers tell stories, reproduce a chain of events and use a lot of action words (go, do, decide, save etc.)

Key points:

  • discuss what you have done or seen;
  • do not waste too much time and effort on explaining why;
  • tell about the events in chronological order or use some other logical order.

For example, an excerpt from Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm in this style could look as follows:

A grandmother gave a lovely red hat to her young granddaughter. The young girl always wore that hat. Everyone called her “Little Red Riding Hood”. (The events are placed in chronological order).

Descriptive papers describe characteristics of objects and people, using a lot of adjectives, metaphors and similes.

Key points:

  • describe sizes, colors, forms and textures;
  • describe what you feel when you look at this object or person;
  • use a single idea to combine all impressions into a whole.

When I saw that young girl for the first time, she was wearing a small velvet red hat, which matched her rosy cheeks and coral lips. “Little Red Riding Hood” – I heard the kind voice of the girl's Mom calling her. (The author used as many adjectives as possible.)

Analytical papers divide an issue into its constituent parts to see how they work as a whole.

Key points:

  • clearly define the problem you are going to research;
  • find the underlying causes of the problem;
  • find alternative solutions to the problem.

The teenage girl had psychological problems, because everyone called her “Little Red Riding Hood”. This started in her childhood, when she wore a red velvet hat several times and everyone seemed to forget her real name.

Argumentative papers are the last on this list of different types of writing styles. These papers offer arguments for and against a certain position and then choose one position as the best supported by arguments.

Key points:

  • consider the existing views on the problem;
  • support your position with strong arguments;
  • disapprove counterarguments.

Children should not be allowed to walk in the woods without adults. For example, the character Little Red Riding Hood from the fairy tale with the same name got into trouble on her way to her grandmother’s cottage in the woods. This case clearly demonstrates that walks in the woods can be extremely dangerous.

Congratulations! You already know the different types of writing styles and will easily achieve your goals in academic writing.