case study exampleThe case study is an extremely popular research method – and one required for many assignments that are given to students. One day, you will probably be assigned this kind of task yourself and then you will need some good case study samples. If this day has already come, you might want to check out the free samples below, as well as their analysis and expert comments that are provided to help you with your own task.

General remarks

So, what is a case study? A case study is a type of research that focuses on only one issue at a time and discusses it in its tiniest details. It is a very convenient and effective research method, which allows getting to the roots of a problem and finding the best solution to it.

A case study example on Business

For instance, an example of a case study on Business provides detailed information on a company’s organizational structure, management, culture and financial performance:

The first search engines appeared after the emergence of the Internet in the early 1990s, as an attempt to index Internet pages, so that users could find the information they needed. Google (its first name was BackRub) was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 and soon afterwards became the leading search engine, overcoming its main competitor, Yahoo! The most important competitive advantage of Google was the fact that it ordered the pages found, based on the quality and relevance of the information they contained. This was accomplished through an innovative concept called PageRank. The accuracy of search results and the difficulties of Google’s competitors in offering similar services were the main reasons for the leading position taken by Google in its field. Advertising was one of the main sources of income for Google. Today, Google faces the challenge of intense competition from its main competitors, Yahoo! and Microsoft. Regardless of the best efforts of its rivals, Google remains so far the leading search engine. The company has planned around 100 quality upgrades, which are expected to improve the usability of the engine and to preserve its competitive advantage.

The next step is to analyze the information provided in the case study in order to identify existing problems and best ways for solving them.

Sample analysis:

  • Although Google is currently the leading search engine, its main problem is the rapid changes in the field and the intense competition from Yahoo! and Microsoft.
  • The best solution is to always keep up to date with the latest changes in the field and to make appropriate upgrades for meeting the growing demands of users and staying ahead of the rest of search engines..
  • The combination of Google’s best traditions and its effective innovations is the best way to preserve Google's competitive advantage.

A case study example on Psychology

A sample case study on Psychology includes detailed information about a person’s health, family circumstances, feelings, behaviors and social roles.

Ann is a 12 year old girl who comes to see a psychiatrist because she is full of fears and becomes excessively agitated if her parents are even a couple of minutes late to arrive home. She is enuretic and can’t get any asleep at night if she worries about her relatives or their quarrels.
Ann is the middle one of the three girls in the family. Both her parents and her maternal grandfather live with the children in the same house. Ann is a girl of above average intelligence and attends a grammar school. Ann says to the psychotherapist that the quarrels in the family upset her. Her mother and grandfather as well as her two sisters are constantly quarreling and Ann has become the peacemaker in her family. For instance, if Ann's mother is angry with her older sister Ruth because Ruth’s room is untidy, Ann will help Ruth to clean up her room in order to calm the spirits.

Sample analysis:

  • Obviously, Ann’s main psychological problem is caused by the quarrels in her family.
  • As it can be seen from the above example of a case study, the role of peacemaker in her family is a heavy burden for the adolescent girl.
  • The solution of the existing problem requires involving Ann’s family in relieving her of the role of peacemaker.

Hopefully, these case study examples will help you use this research method effectively and with ease. You are welcome to visit this page whenever you need to write a case study and analyze it.