Expository essay examplesExpository writing can have many faces. Whenever you describe something, you write an expository paper. Whenever you compare and contrast something, you write an expository paper. Whenever you write step-by-step instructions, it is an expository paper you write, too.

To avoid being confused by all these types of expository essays, you may want to check out different expository writing examples below.

Expository Essay Examples for All Tastes

The main goals of expository papers are:

  • to describe;
  • to explain;
  • to give information.

Let’s see how these goals are accomplished in the following expository paper examples:

  1. Description
  2. The eyes of a chimpanzee in a zoo cage are the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. He must have been an elderly chimpanzee, because his hair was partially gray and his soulful eyes were full of sorrow and reproach. The unblinking gaze of his large brown eyes nearly moved me to tears, and I was ready to say “I am sorry” for the entire humanity keeping animals in cages.
    He disrespectfully looked once or twice at the children who were making faces near the cage. “Ah, the youths” he must have thought to himself, but his face muscles did not move at all.

    Comment: the author describes not only the shapes, colors and textures of what s/he say, but also the personal feelings and emotions caused by these details.

  3. Sequence
  4. Losing a guy in 10 days is easy. All you need to do is to follow these six steps, and quick results are guaranteed.
    First, you should frequently recollect your ex-boyfriends and their obvious qualities. Second, you may want to flirt with other boys in front of him. Third, be sure to check out messages and phone numbers in his cell phone, scream and become hysterical whenever you can find silly reasons to be jealous. Fourth, make certain to go out of the room when your phone rings. Fifth, call him different sweet names in front of his friends. Finally, start making plans about your marriage, children and grandchildren.

    Comment: this expository essay example gives step-by-step instructions and uses words such as first, second … finally to offer the information in a structured manner.

  5. Comparison
  6. Writing an application essay can be compared to advertising your skills and talents. Although application essays and advertisement have much in common, they also have a number of significant differences.
    The main similarities between application essays and advertisements are the tone used and the expected response of the audience. Both students and marketers should strike the right balance between promotion and good manners. Neither essays nor ads should be intrusive or annoying. Otherwise, the audience can have a negative reaction to them. The main differences between essays and ads are the format requirements and methods that can be used by students and marketers.

    Comment: the paper discusses both similarities and differences of the two items being compared.

    Even More Expository Writing Samples

  7. Cause-and-effect
  8. Sleep deprivation can have a lot of negative effects on a person’s health and well-being. Students who spend sleepless nights studying for exams actually have poorer chances to receive good grades, than those who have a good rest before the test.
    Findings of recent studies have revealed the negative impact of sleep deprivation on a person’s cognitive skills. Furthermore, those who try to study course materials overnight use only their short-term memory.

    Comment: this expository essay sample establishes cause-and-effect relations between the two aspects discussed.


  9. Problem and Solution
  10. Sustainable development has become a global issue for modern companies. The lack of non-renewable energy resources can become a serious problem for future generations. This is why industries should start using alternative sources of energy today to prevent global problems in the future.
    Solar and wind power systems can become effective substitutes for modern systems.

    Comment: the paper clearly outlines the problem and offers a solution to it.

Now that you have these wonderful excerpts from expository papers, you can surely create a wonderful expository essay example of your own.