MLA format headingIf you work on MLA papers, you should bear in mind that every detail is important. For instance, you might think: “Ah, who cares of MLA format headings?” However, your teachers might truly care about this. Check this quick guide to avoid any misunderstanding regarding your headings.

MLA format heading example

A header is a relatively short line of text, which appears at the top of every page in your academic papers. Here is what an MLA format header should look like on an example page:

Smith 1
Your name
Your course
Your teacher’s name

As you see, an MLA header contains a page number preceded by your surname. The header is placed in the upper right-hand corner. By the way, some teachers will ask you not to write the header on your cover page. This means that you will need to leave white space on the first page and write “Smith 2” in the upper right corner of your second page.

MLA format headings in the text

You might also want to use section headings throughout the main text in your papers. With respect to section headings, MLA citation style recommends that you:

  • do not use section headings in short papers (shorter than 3 pages);
  • do not write section headings at the bottom of the page unless you can write at least two lines of text below them, on the same page; otherwise, start a new section on a new page;
  • number sections with Arabic figures;
  • center section headings;
  • use similar constructions for your section headings: if you start the first heading with a verb, try to start the second one with a verb too. For instance, you should not write “conservation of soil” and “save water” as two subsequent headings. The headings “conservation of soil” and “conservation of water” would be much better.

Here are a few MLA style heading examples:

  1. Solar energy
  2. Wind energy
  3. Hydrogen energy

So, now that you know these niceties, the headings of your MLA papers will look simply amazing. Do not hesitate to check other free writing tips on this website to continue your work on your MLA paper. Have a nice day!