How to Make a PowerPoint Making PowerPoint presentations can be fun… if you know how to do it. Otherwise, it can become a source of unnecessary frustration.

Let’s look through this quick guide on how to create a PowerPoint presentation, so that you can enjoy this kind of assignments.

How to make a PowerPoint presentation: the basics

So, if you are going to put together a presentation using PowerPoint, but do not know where to start from, start by learning these basics:

  • Use bullet points instead of full sentences.
  • Make everything BIG. Please, no fonts smaller than 18 point (20 – 24 looks great).
  • Make it SIMPLE. Do not use more than 6 - 8 words per line and more than 6 lines per slide (it is called the “6 × 6 rule”).
  • Make it more VISUAL than verbal. Remember that one picture can be worth a thousand words.

How to make a PowerPoint presentation: 6 main steps

Now that you know the main principles, you might still be confused by technical details. If you are still at a loss and wonder how to do a PowerPoint presentation, check these 6 quick steps:

  1. Open up PowerPoint.
  2. At the left-hand side of the screen, you will see two tabs: “Outline” and “Slides”. Click on the tab “Slides”. You will see that the first slide is already there for you.
  3. On this first slide, you will see two boxes: “Click to add a title” and “Click to add a subtitle”. Do not hesitate to click on each of them to add the text of your first slide, just like you do this in other documents. By the way, you may want to move these boxes around. If you click on the borders of the boxes, you will see a four-arrows icon that will help you move the boxes as you wish.
  4. To add a new slide, you should click “Insert” at the top bar of your presentation, then choose “New slide”. You will see a list of available layouts for your new slide. Think of the information you are going to include in this slide and choose the best suitable layout for it.
  5. So, you already know how to create PowerPoint presentations, but you might still want to choose a design for your slides to make them more interesting. Click the “Design” button at the top bar of your presentation and choose the colors you like best. Kindly note that this choice can have certain psychological effects on your audience. For example, red is usually associated with excitement and even aggression, green with growth and progress, white with innocence, orange with optimism, yellow with warmth and wisdom, blue with truth and trust. Choose your colors wisely.
  6. If you want to change the order of your slides, you can easily do it. Go to the left hand bar, where you can see all of your slides, click on the slide that you want to move and drag it to a new place.

How to make a PowerPoint presentation: additional tips

How to create PowerPoint Here are some more tips on how to create a PowerPoint, so that you can get at least a good grade, if not thunders of applause, for your PowerPoint slide show:

  • Bear in mind that your slides should emphasize your speech, not substitute it.
  • Avoid too long blocks of text, because your audience may start reading and stop listening to you.
  • Do not read your slides to the audience aloud. They can read, and your slides are brief and clear (surely, the latter is true if you have done everything right according to the six steps from the previous sections).
  • Avoid any distractions, such as too much animation or sound.
  • Pay special attention to your last slide. Your audience will leave mainly with the information from this slide. Summarize your main points and try to produce a positive impression on the audience.

So, next time when somebody asks you “how do you make a PowerPoint”, you will readily answer this question because now you have all the vital knowledge and even know a few professional secrets. Enjoy making your presentations and have a nice day!