Sentence with the Word An In some cases, students are asked to illustrate the uses of a certain word in a sentence. For example, a person may have to write various sentences with the word an. If you are looking for excellent examples using this word, take a look at this article. It will explain how this indefinite article can be used in various contexts. Hopefully, these examples will be of some use to you.

A Sentence Containing the Word An? As Easy as ABC

First, students need to remember that the indefinite article an indicates a thing or an animate being that has not been mentioned in the conversation before. This part of speech is not used to refer to a particular object. Here are some examples of a sentence with the word an:

  1. He returned an hour ago (quantity);
  2. I read an interesting article yesterday (object mentioned for the first time.)
  3. What an incredible piece of art!!! Exclamatory sentences starting with what normally use an indefinite article.
  4. He’s an honest guy. Remember that the indefinite articles an should be used before noun or adjectives if they start with a vowel sound.
  5. Please, give me an extra day to get this job done. The indefinite article is normally placed before the adjective (extra in this case) if it refers to a countable noun.
  6. Yesterday, an IMF representative came to Greece. Indefinite articles can also be used before abbreviations if these abbreviations act as attributes of a noun.

How to use a word in a sentence To understand how a sentence with the word an can be constructed, you should learn more about the rules for using indefinite articles. Overall, indefinite articles can occupy various positions in a sentence. Traditionally, they are placed before a noun, an adjective or an adverb. Yet, there are also more complex constructions. So, take a look at these sentences with the word an:

  1. An elegant (adjective) blonde man came into the shop.
  2. It is an incredibly (adverb) dull book.
  3. My son was fascinated to see an elephant (noun).
  4. Today, we are going to discuss the use of the indefinite article an. As you can see, this sentence ends with the word an, but such constructions are not very widespread.
  5. A sentence using the word an refers to an indefinite object.

These examples illustrate only some uses of indefinite articles in sentences. If you want to know how to use a word in a sentence, you can look it up in a collocation dictionary. It can show you how various nouns, adjectives, or adverbs should be used. Overall, the knowledge of grammar and collocation rules will always come in handy.