High School Research Paper Topics When you’re in high school, life would seem a bed of roses… if not for these pesky high school research paper topics.

Indeed, it’s hard to come up with a bunch of decent topics for research paper writing.

However, don’t worry: check the list below and choose from it any topic for a research paper on a variety of issues - you’ll definitely find one that suits you!

Check this ultimate list of 31 best paper topics – you’ll find even IT research paper topics here!

High School Research Paper Topics: Get an Incredible Opportunity

Before getting to the topics, make sure you know the answer to the question “What is research paper writing?”

Research paper writing is the careful choice and consequent analysis of specific aspects of a concrete problem, with the purpose of offering potential solutions for the issues in question.

Once you understand this definition, you’ll understand how to create the research paper of your dreams! And now, read these topics for a research paper:

  1. Is Modern Feminism Just Hypocrisy and Self-Objectification When Compared to the Principles of the XIX and XX Centuries?
  2. Equal Rights for Men and Women: About Equal Responsibilities and Duties.
  3. Chauvinism and Feminism as Two Sides of the Sword: Avoiding the Extremes;
  4. Children’s Rights Protection: Current Threats and Efficient Methods to Enhance Children’s Safety;
  5. Justifications for the Mandatory Age for Leaving School: Raising the Standard Is Unreasonable;
  6. Child-Parent Problems and Means to solve Them: Important Solutions for the Complexities of Upbringing;
  7. People Infected with HIV: The “Transmissibility” Myth, Social Isolation and Employment Challenges.
  8. The Impact of Violence in Mass Media on the Audience;
  9. Laughter as One of the Most Important Social Skills: Humor and the Society;
  10. The Mechanism of Acquiring Habits and Their Dependency on the Environment;
  11. Non-Verbal Communication as an Integral Part of Any Conversation: Time to Learn the Body Language;
  12. Elderly People Being Banned from Driving: Is It Caring or an Act of Rights Infringement?
  13. The Shift of Gender and Social Roles in the XXI Century: When Women Take on Men’s Responsibilities;
  14. Developing a Nursing Mentorship Program to Assist Elderly People: Project Benefits and Restrictions;
  15. Ways to Establish High-Quality Health Care: Suggestions for Better Services;
  16. Recent Changes to Taxation Law and Its Outcome: Impact of a Policy Change;
  17. Substitutes for Homework: Banning Home Assignments, Offering Efficient Suggestions Instead;
  18. Racial Issues of the XXI Century: The Notorious War Is Still Going On.
  19. The True Meaning and Value of Morality: Revealing False Attempts of the Society to Disguise Its Sanctimony;
  20. The Constituents of Success: Personality Features, Public Relations and the Importance of Background;
  21. Current American Foreign Policy: Opponents’ Opinion, General Features and Obvious Controversy;
  22. Most Frequently Occurring Problems of Social Interaction and Means to Fight Them;
  23. Cloning as the Means to Duplicate People and Create Donor Organs: Moral Values vs. Saving a Life;
  24. Slavery in Present Days: Instances of Illegal Business and Means to Prevent Trafficking of People;
  25. Drug Public Service Announcements and Their Efficiency: How to Increase the Impact of the Message;
  26. Legalizing Euthanasia for Terminally Ill People: The Controversy, Issues and Possible Effects;
  27. Post-Divorce Trauma for Ex Spouses… and Their Children: Ceasing the Fault-Finding Process;
  28. World Leaders and Their Strategies: Analyzing the Art of Influencing People and Shaping Their Opinion;
  29. Nuclear Weapons and Their Potential Threat to Humankind: Protection at the Cost of Fear;
  30. Global Economy and Probable Ways to Predict Market Change: Algorithms, Strategies and Outcomes.
  31. Current IT Issues: Computer Insecurity and Means to Fight It.

Now these are research topics that really rock! Mind that, unlike topics for research, essay ideas are more superficial – so make sure your topic of research paper writing is solid enough.

What is research paper

High School Research Paper Topics Development: Pieces of Advice

You might also need some tips on how to research a paper to get you well on your way – so check this:

  • Pick interesting topics to research;
  • Introduce a conflict in your presentation of topics for research papers;
  • Choose the words for your topic carefully.

With these tips, regardless of the topics, research paper writing is bound to be a delightful process. So what are you waiting for? Start choosing the topics of research you’re going to conduct!