revision-definitionSometimes you stumble upon quite simple things. Even simple things however, such as the definition of revision, can prove sometimes rather tricky.

However, with real professional help, you’ll learn easily what a definition for revision is.

The Revision Definition: Remember a Superb Revision's Components

To get ready to hear the definition revision has, take a look at the following components and check that you use them during your revision:

You are welcome to repeat the process for three up to five times. And remember: the revision process can be endless, so learn to stop when it’s time to!

You might also start such a process as Global Revision. Unlike a simple revision, Global Revision touches upon every aspect of mistake correction. Make sure that you know all the steps in a global revision definition:

The relevance of topic sentences

Make sure that all topic sentences are related to the thesis and are connected with the paragraph that follows them.

The fluency of transitions between paragraphs

Make sure that each sentence is related to the previous one, e.g.:

Bad: The interviewees agreed that reading an original book is better than watching a movie adaptation. They considered Hunger Games a fantastic movie.

Good: The interviewees agreed that reading an original book is better than watching a movie adaptation. However, they considered Hunger Games a fantastic movie, mainly because of the director’s interpretation of the topic.

definition-of-revisionThe efficiency of the conclusion

Conclusion and results are not the same. Conclusion involves the interpretation of results, your opinion on them and a good ending. Check this example:

Results: According to this research, 79% of people are right-handed, 19% are eft-handed and 2% are ambidextrous.

Conclusion: Since, according to the results, 19% of people are left-handed (interpretation), it is necessary to adapt the environment so that left-handed people can also feel comfortable with everyday tasks(a viewpoint). The time for people to live their full life has come (an efficient ending).

The overall structure and meaning of the paper

Check that the paper answered the initial question – that’s your main goal!

Revision Definition: Explanations of the Complicated Process.

The time has come to learn the true meaning of revision! According to existing revision definitions, revision is“the process of searching for grammatical, lexical and stylistic mistakes in the paper, performing the needed corrections of the mistakes that have been made, and obtaining as a result a revised paper.”

Now this is the real definition of revision – even a professional can’t get it better! And, as you can see, revision meaning is rather simple. However, it’s quite easy to confuse it with the definition of a synonym, namely proofreading…

Revision Definition and Proofreading Definition: NOT the Same.

Well, it’s time to learn the hard truth: revision definition and proofreading are not the same. As a matter of fact, proofreading is a part of revising, as this table shows:

Revision Elements Proofreading Elements
  • Proofreading;
  • Rethinking;
  • Correcting.
  • Correcting grammar mistakes;
  • Correcting vocabulary slips;
  • Correcting punctuation errors.

Since you don’t have to ask anymore “What is the meaning of the word to revise?,” check these great tips for an efficient revision:

  • Split the revision process into several stages;
  • List the elements you are going to revise;
  • Check carefully the paper grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and contents.

Congratulations – now you don’t have to check the revision meaning in dictionary! Now that you know the meaning of the word, try revising something – it’s even easier than learning the definition of revision.