response-paperYou’ve surely seen at least once something so unusual that you wanted to write a paper in response to it. Well, this is the time to make the old dream come true and learn to write response essays!

Response Paper Writing Guidelines: Check What Experts Advise You

Unlike any other paper, response essay writing may be emotional and is always about your own ideas and impressions. Remember these tips:

  1. Provide a direct quotation of the issue you are responding to (the Reaction Statement);
  2. Explain the importance of the issue that you are responding to;
  3. Offer both supportive and opposing evidence to create tension;
  4. Use effective comparisons to prove the point and impress the audience;
  5. Restate your thesis in the opening sentence of the conclusion;
  6. Provide the main directions that require further research for a clarification of the given issue.

Just follow these pieces of advice, and you’ll write an essay a professional would be proud of!

A Response Paper and Other Tasks: Differences and Similarities

Creating a response paper is much like writing an essay of any other kind. However, there are some minor differences:
Paper Type:

  1. Response paper
    • Introduces a problem;
    • Offers solutions;
    • Is objective.
  2. Reaction paper
    • Demands the evaluation of the issue;
    • Describes the author’s emotions;
    • Is subjective.
  3. Essay writing
    • Has a specific aim;
    • Must be backed up by scholars’ opinions;
    • Offers concrete solutions.


  • Offer an evaluation of something;
  • Require an analysis;
  • State the author’s opinion;
  • Require creative and unusual approaches;
  • Deal with a specific issue;
  • Have a specific structure;
  • Require both the description of the issue and the analysis of the problem;
  • Are extremely easy to deal with.

Try to keep these differences and similarities in mind, and you’ll have the most fantastic how-to essay writing manual ever!

Response Paper Writing Instructions: Remember the Paper Structure

Response essay writing has a specific structure. To write essay papers of response perfectly, make sure you’ve added the following ingredients:

  1. Introduction
    • Attention-Getter;
    • Short Summary;
    • Thesis Statement.

  2. Body
    • Opening Sentence;
    • Argument #!;
    • Evidence;
    • Comments;
    • Argument #2;
    • Evidence;
    • Comments;
    • Counterargument;
    • Evidence;
    • Comments;
    • Analysis;
    • Results List.

  3. Conclusion
    • Opening Sentence;
    • Thesis Restatement;
    • Results Relisting;
    • Future prospects;
    • Concluding Sentence.

Whether you are writing your response essay paper on geography, economics or arts, this set of tips will always help you create a fantastic reaction paper!

Response Paper Classification: Peculiarities of the Genre

Do you know there are several types of response papers? Check these essay writing tips for each of them:
Response to an article:

  • Enumerate the basic points the original author makes;
  • Mention the theory that the article is based on;
  • Argue for or against the original author’s ideas.

Response to a movie:

  • Briefly summarize the plot;
  • Comment on the actors’ performance;
  • Say whether you would like to see a sequel.

Response to a speech:

  • Mention the other speeches of the given person;
  • Offer a couple of authoritative opinions on the main topic of the speech;
  • Say what you disagree with and why.

Now you know what to do whenever you have response essays to write! No matter what response paper you are going to write, remember that with these tips for writing essays, you’ll pass the test of this task with flying colors now. Good luck!