response-essayWell, it seems like you’re facing another response essay writing task. And your first question is, no doubt, “How do I write an essay?” However, there’s nothing to worry about – writing an essay on response is really easy. Just check these tips:
Watch the picture/read the poem (book, short novel)/etc. carefully;
Put down the thoughts that the issue evokes;
Structure your ideas to make them flow properly;
Think of questions that you would like to ask the author.
As soon as you’re done with the above steps, pass to the next stage.

Response Essay Writing vs. Reaction Papers: Check the Difference

Be careful – there are a lot of pitfalls! And one of the most notorious is confusing a reaction essay for an essay response. Remember the basic differences:
Reaction paper

  • Offers emotions;
  • Provides impressions;
  • Introduces descriptions;
  • Displays personal judgment.

Response essay

  • Offers reasons and arguments;
  • Provides judgments;
  • Introduces analysis;
  • Displays objective assessment.

With this update on what a how-to an essay guide offers, you’ll definitely feel more certain about your writing.
There are some more essay writing tips left for you – by essay writing we mean the exciting process of expressing your own opinion.

Response Essay Components: Mind the Paper Structure Specifics!

essay-on-responseNo matter what you write your essay paper on, remember these specifics. For an essay to flow smoothly, make sure the following components are all present:
State the topic as soon as you decide what to write an essay about. If you still don’t know what to write an essay on, pick your topic from among issues that you’re interested in.
Thesis Statement
Basically, this is your main message about the issue.
Short Summary
Describe the issue in 3-5 short sentences.
Impression – Evidence – Claim (repeat as many times and with as many claims as you want)
No matter what topics for an essay you pick, use your observations to derive some new ideas from them. E.g., “Mortal Combat has a lot of explicit violence. Therefore, it must serve as a way for teenagers to let off steam.”
Describe your major observations, their results and what they led you to. Check an essay example: “There is an implicit feeling of despair in Dali’s works. Thus, the author must have depicted the conflict within him as well as the conflict between the artist and the world.”
In your essay on writing, painting or any other art form, the conclusion serves to restate your thesis and stress your most overwhelming impression of the artwork. Here is an example: “Thus, Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs is an attempt to release the demon within.”
With these tips, you will write an essay a student would be delighted to have! Now that you don’t have to ask the notorious “How can I write an essay?” question, remember this final bunch of recommendations for an essay about writing, painting, or any other kind of art.

Response Essay Recommendations: Read Final Significant Remarks.

To create a proper essay reaction, make certain that your paper contains all of the following:

  • A clear expression of your emotions stirred by the issue;
  • An evaluation of the elements that impressed you in the subject of your essay;
  • A clearly conveyed key idea of the (art-)work in question.

Congratulations – now you know how to write an essay on any topic! No more “How can I write an essay?” sort of questions! When adding all these components to essay writing, you’ll get a perfect result. So why wasting your time? Start the writing process already – create the most fantastic essay on paper writing or novel ever!