essay-writing-formatWhen you’re writing an essay, format peculiarities come forth – and, by God, you wish they did not. However, here are some tips to help you with that:

Essay Writing Format: Instructions for an Incredibly Cool Paper.

Check these instructions – if you follow them, your essay writing format will be impeccable! Just remember this ultimate format for writing an essay, and you’ll see there’s really nothing to picking a format for essay writing.
Tips for Introduction:

  1. Grab readers’ attention from the very start!

    Here is an example of format of writing an essay introduction: “There is no doubt that there can be an incredible love between a man and a woman, but if so, why the issue of friendship between the two is so much questioned?”

  3. Introduce the topic effectively;
  4. Here is an example of format of essay writing to introduce a topic based on some previously mentioned facts or ideas: “Therefore, the question is whether a man and a woman can get along well without being in love.”

  5. Offer a Thesis Statement.
  6. “Despite existing social and gender pressure and complex issues, men and women can still be simply friends, without having to be in love with one another.”

Tips for Paper Body:

  1. Provide a cohesive argument;
  2. “On one hand, there is enough evidence of conflicts between men and women, aside from the notorious gender discrimination issue. According to statistics, 68% of women feel underrated at their workplace (Johnson, 2012, p. 3).”

  3. Respect opponents’ opinions;
  4. “However, it must be admitted that several steps have been made. Not only did many men join the ranks of feminists, but they also acknowledged that women should have the same rights as men do (Smith 2011, p. 48)”

  5. Don’t describe – deduce!
  6. “According to the evidence provided by Jackson (2010, p. 111), a considerable bond can grow between people of opposite genders. Therefore, I believe that there can be friendship between a man and a woman.”

Tips for Conclusion:

  1. List the main results;
  2. “Despite the fact that, in 75% of the cases, relationships between a man and a woman end up with marriage, it cannot be doubted that a man and a woman can also make friends.”

  3. Provide your opinion of the issue;
  4. “Personally, I believe that the gender conflict has to be dealt with, the sooner, the better.”

  5. Restate the Thesis Statement.
  6. “With the help of cooperation and the will to change the situation, men and women can restore trustful relationships and make BFFs with each other just as easily as people of the same gender can.”

Essay Writing Format: Remember the Essential Paper Constituents!

Unlike the writing of any ordinary essay, essay writing worth an excellent mark must follow these tips:

  1. Pick the right words very carefully;
  2. Decide what kind of writing style you want to use;
  3. Make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes.

Adding these elements to essay writing that you do for your assignments will get you a perfect mark!

Essay Writing Format: Learn the Crucial Formatting Differences.

The battle begins! In the red corner, APA style format; in the blue corner, MLA style format! Remember the differences between the format for MLA and format for APA style well – they’ll definitely come in handy!

How-to: APA format How-to: MLA format
  • Use the page number and the year when quoting/citing someone;
  • Use different heading styles for different levels;
  • Name the list of sources Reference List;
  • Make sure that there is a RUNNING HEAD on every page.
  • Use the page number or (when there are no page numbers) the number of the paragraph when quoting/citing someone;
  • Use the same heading style throughout the paper;
  • Name the list of sources Works Citred;
  • NO RUNNING HEAD is needed.

format-essayNow you don’t have to ask the notorious question “What is MLA format?” And now, let’s deal with APA subheadings!

Essay Writing Format: APA-Style Subheadings. How to Handle Them.

If you have ever asked, “What is APA format writing?” or “How to create APA subheadings?,” it’s the right time to take a closer look at these APA essay writing format guidelines:
Level number

Description Writing an Essay: Sample Formatting. A How-to APA Format Table
Title (Front Page)
Level 1
Centered, bold, uppercase and lowercase The Delight of Owning a Cat
Level 2
Flush left, bold, uppercase and lowercase Before You Decide to Buy a Cat
Level 3
Indented, bold, lowercase with a period The steps you should consider.
Level 4
Indented, bold, italicized, lowercase, with a period Step #1: Choose the breed.
Level 5
Indented, italicized, lowercase, with a period Most frequently chosen breeds.

As for the subheadings according to the MLA essay writing format, mind that there are only two types of subheadings – uppercase and lowercase headings.
From now on, in any of your writing, essay format issues will be a mere trifle! Now that you know everything about essay writing, try putting the tips above in practice – and you’ll see what fantastic papers you’ll get!