fiction-writing-promptsAre you desperately trying to overcome a writer’s block or simply searching for a fiction writing prompt to ensure the success of your creative work? In any case, you definitely need a good creative writing idea to sink your teeth into. And do you know what’s cool? Now your search is completed. Here they are, these 25 great short story writing prompts you have been looking for.

Fiction writing prompts: romance


  1. A young man finds his true love and wants to get married. The only problem is that his parents are convinced that he chose the wrong person and they oppose the marriage, but do not explain their motives.
  2. “Wait! I can explain! It is not what it looks like!” cries the character who is wrongly accused of cheating on her husband because of a series of misinterpreted clues.
  3. A girl who does not believe in the power of love, because she saw domestic abuse in her parents’ house, learns to love.
  4. A young man falls in love at the first sight and unsuccessfully tries to change his personality to win the heart of his beloved.
  5. A student suffers from nervousness and discomfort whenever he approaches agirl he likes. After a number of awkward situations, he finally finds his true love.

Fiction writing prompts: mystery

  1. A passenger gets on the train during the rush hour, but there is nobody in it. He is afraid…
  2. Every morning, the character finds three frightening words written on his bathroom mirror…
  3. Jessica is at home alone and hears a child’s laughter in the basement…
  4. A character is in a neglected garden. She has lost her memory and does not understand who she is and how she got there.
  5. A character can see people whom nobody else can see. His sister worries about his mental health, but…

Fiction writing prompts: horror

  1. A man has a premonition of his plane crashing and waits for it to come true…
  2. In a situation that is unexplained, several college students disappear one by one. A young journalist starts investigating this case and comes up with unexpected findings.
  3. A group of friends receive a video on Facebook. A few days later they understand that the video has brought misfortune to them.
  4. There is no electricity in the house because of a thunderstorm, and a character tries to find a candle when he notices a man in a mask standing in front of his kitchen window.
  5. A young couple lose their way and decide to stop at an old motel run by an odd man. At night, somebody knocks on their door…


Fiction writing prompts: science fiction

  1. In the open sea, the passengers of a luxury liner see a man swimming, diving and not asking for help…
  2. The characters find themselves in the year 3012 after a long sleep in a capsule…
  3. A story about the inhabitants of Mars, planning an expedition to Earth and speculating that there can be life on this planet…
  4. The bad guys try to extract the information from the subconscious of a character by entering his dreams.
  5. Scholars conduct experiments with the “butterfly effect” and try to change past events because they are convinced that the future will change as well.

Fiction writing prompts: action-adventure

  1. The pirates attack a space ship, and the members of the crew make desperate attempts to save their lives.
  2. A story about domestic animals lost in a big city and looking for their way back home.
  3. An elderly man discovers he has extraordinary abilities, but he happens to be too lazy to help others.
  4. Adventures of a small boy wandering the World Wide Web for the first time.
  5. A superhero, who has saved thousands of lives, wants to retire and looks for a talented pupil to share his valuable experience with.

As you see, any fiction writing prompt from this list can become the perfect start to a perfect story. These amazing prompts make fiction writing simple and breathtaking. Choose any of them to get started and your imagination will awaken.