persuasive-speech-ideasA persuasive speech is a good chance to show off one’s erudition, eloquence, and critical skills. There are many topics and questions that a person can discuss. However, some of them, such as capital punishment or same-sex marriage have already been hotly debated, and it is rather difficult to say something new about them. Take a look at this article as it will offer you excellent persuasive speech ideas.

In case you need good persuasive speech ideas, you can definitely consider political issues, law, culture, or international relations. Here are some questions that you can address in your speech:

  1. Should government toughen up gun control laws?
  2. Is it ethical and reasonable to pursue the policy of affirmative action?
  3. Should school administrators promote bilingual education?
  4. Is it necessary to set caps for the compensation of corporate executives?
  5. Should government invest more in space exploration?
  6. Is global warming a real threat to people’s wellbeing?
  7. Can a preventive war be ethically justified?
  8. Is it necessary to stop Iran’s nuclear program?
  9. Is it possible to make a distinction between Eastern and Western cultures?
  10. Is it effective and ethical to outsource jobs to developing countries?

These questions are still open to debate, and one can make a good persuasive speech about each of them.

Persuasive Speech Ideas: The Ethical Dimensions of Science

People who seek ideas for persuasive speech may consider various aspects of science. The following issues can be of some interest to students:

  • Should government promote stem cell research?
  • Are genetically modified products a solution to the world’s problems or a potential threat?
  • Is the use of antidepressants always justified? Are they a good solution to mental disorders?
  • Can IQ tests effectively measure various aspects of intelligence?
  • Are the principles of social Darwinism compatible with modern science?
  • Can psychological experiments on obedience be ethically justified?
  • Is it ethical to rely on racial profiling while treating hereditary diseases?
  • Is it necessary to continue the development of nuclear power technologies?

ideas-for-persuasive-speechYou can use one of the above questions as a persuasive speech idea. If you put forward a good argument about it, you will definitely impress the audience.

Persuasive Speech Ideas: What Else You Can Discuss

There are some other topics that you can choose for your speech. Here are some of the most debated issues and questions:

  1. Dress code in high schools;
  2. Ethical aspects of euthanasia;
  3. Stop Online Privacy Act and its hypothetical outcomes;
  4. Peer-to-peer file sharing;
  5. Hackers and their moral code;
  6. Nuclear weapons as a deterrent of war;
  7. Animal testing: its advantages and disadvantages.

On the whole, these persuasive speech ideas can be used by people who want to speak before an audience or write argumentative papers. You can definitely pick one of them.