movie-criticsWell, you've seen enough of the “Critics about movie news” kind of TV shows – its time you created something of the kind. In fact, this is a really exciting thing to do – you have your own show to run in black and white. So let’s start the fun!

Movie Critics on Criticism and Evaluation: Process Definition.

First of all, let’s see what you’re dealing with – that is, what a movie critic review means.
Movie criticism is a writing that involves movie analysis and evaluation. And now let’s learn how to be a movie critic and what you need to know for that.

Movie Critics: Professional Secrets. What It Takes to Become One

It’s time to learn what a good movie critics review is made of! Check that these elements are discussed in your criticism of a movie:

  • theme of the movie;
  • plot and everything plot-related (subplots, turns of the plot, characters’ flashbacks, etc.);
  • leading characters and supportive characters;
  • symbolism of the movie and its elements;
  • movie genre or fusion of genres that the movie represents;
  • your own opinion about the quality of the movie in general and the impression that it makes.

Movie Critics on Elements of the Process: Watch Experts Working.

There are lots of ways to write a good review of a film. But there is only one way to create a cutting-edge review, and that way includes ten simple steps. Here they are:

  1. Watch some good old movie critics shows like Siskel and Ebert – that’ll help to…
  2. …Learn the specific movie related terms which will help you to…
  3. … Conduct the movie analysis. However, be sure to…
  4. …Avoid by all means clichéd phrases like “the wow factor,” “the most underrated classics” and “this is a response to…” To do that, you’ll have to…
  5. … Develop your own style and expressive means. Be original and at the same time…
  6. …Keep your language fairly formal, which will help you to…
  7. …Be a tad ironic, which will make the review more interesting to read. However, be sure that you…
  8. …Pick the tone that suits the movie genre and atmosphere. Thus, you’ll…
  9. …Create a well-structured paper that includes introduction, the main argument, the facts, their analysis and the conclusion. Finally, don’t forget to…
  10. …Check your essay carefully for mistakes and slips of the pen.

movie-for-criticsWhen your paper contains all the elements described above, it truly will be of the same quality as papers written by movie review critics. Now let’s see an example of movie critics reviews!

Movie Critics Give Written Examples: Check out an Essay Specimen

Let’s welcome the star of the recent movie critics reviews – Avatar! This is actually a perfect movie for critics to review – it has a lot of issues, interesting details and a good story to back it up with. Let’s dive in!
Avatar: Review
One of the most long-awaited movies of 2008, Avatar had a huge commercial success – and, which is even more important, it left an impact on the audience. Despite the fact that the plot of the movie is an obvious rip-off of the Disney Pocahontas, Avatar is still a decent picture to consider. In addition, the message of people’s greed making them take over other civilizations is more subtle.
One must admit though, that Cameron did view the characters from a new perspective, making the lead split into two personalities, a physically challenged Jake Sully and his alter ego, the Na’vi avatar. In addition, the settings in the movie are truly splendid. Starting from the spectacular nature of Pandora and up to Na’vi technical progress, each element looks absolutely unbelievable.
Touching upon the elements of Hinduism, the movie is a symbol in itself, a metaphor for the Hindu religion and its basic aspects. However, there are also clearer messages in the movie, like the name of the fuel, unobtainium – something that humankind will never possess.
An incredible blend of action, adventure movie, sci-fi film and a fantasy, Avatar is surely an artwork worth watching. Well, now you know what it takes to be a movie critic – so knuckle down to writing your own movie review – and you’ll feel like a real pro!