research-paper-topicWho says that research paper topics cannot be strong and interesting at the same time? Actually, they can. Check these 30 best research topic ideas appealing to your needs and tastes. If you select a research topic from this list, you will see that academic writing is indeed fascinating.
Research topics in Marketing

  1. Is the customer always King in the Kingdom of Marketing? Is this principle a universal formula?
  2. “You shall not annoy your customer” is one of the most important commandments for marketers. What are the adverse effects of intrusive advertising?
  3. Can small businesses survive without online marketing today?
  4. Why are consumers ready to pay more for brand-name products?
  5. Are advertisements starring celebrities losing their effectiveness? Is the magic of celebrity marketing a thing of the past?

Research topics in Management

  1. Should modern employers use information from social networking profiles for their hiring decisions?
  2. Why to use green management? Best practices from Sony Group.
  3. Why is Zappos recognized as one of the most employee-friendly companies?
  4. How to choose the most appropriate management style for every single company?
  5. What is the role of management in the business success of Sears?

Research topics in Nursing

  1. The impact of parents’ attitudes upon adolescents’ awareness of healthy eating habits.
  2. The association between patients’ psychological characteristics and their satisfaction with plastic surgery outcomes.
  3. Why is culture and ethnicity of patients important for the end-of-life counseling practices?
  4. Is the problem of child overweight and obesity hazardous?
  5. What are the main advantages of breastfeeding?

Research topics in Finance

  1. What are the main risks of investing abroad?
  2. The financial implications of the latest mergers and acquisitions at FedEx.
  3. What makes foreign outsourcing so attractive?
  4. The importance of transparency for international oil and gas companies.
  5. How can interest rates influence the market?

Research topics in Psychology

  1. Can hypnotism help people give up smoking?
  2. The importance of developing personal identity in twins.
  3. The hidden hazards of Celebrity Worship Syndrome.
  4. Is it normal for a toddler to have imaginary friends?
  5. Is the psychology of flirting logical?

Research topics for kids

  1. Should school administration ban junk food sales?
  2. Should schools allow students to use cell phones during breaks between classes?
  3. Does medical testing on animals do more harm or good?
  4. Should the government adopt anti-bullying laws?
  5. Does access to the Internet do more harm or good to children?

Using research topic ideas from this list, you will kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, if you research a topic matching your interests, you will start enjoying it. On the other hand, your tutors will surely appreciate your efforts and creativity.