science-topicsLooking for interesting but simple science project topics to make your papers stand out from the crowd? Got tired of boring science related topics repeating in all academic papers year after year? Here is the solution to these problems.
Now you may give a sigh of relief because finally you found this list of 25 most fascinating ideas for science research topics which will become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for you.

Science topics: Earth and Climate

  1. Can global warming lead to Armageddon in the nearest future?
  2. There was a lot of snow on the planet during recent years. What happened to global warming?
  3. Isn’t a warmer climate better for the planet if cold territories become fertile and plants grow faster?

Science topics: Anthropology

  1. Can homosexuality be explained with evolutionary processes?
  2. Does evolution of humans continue today?
  3. Paradox of plenty: countries with an abundance of natural resources experience lower rates of economic growth than countries with fewer resources.

Science topics: History

  1. Is history cyclical or linear?
  2. What are the main hypotheses on why Maya Indians disappeared?
  3. Can bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki be justified?

Science topics: Law

  1. Should wearing trousers below waist to reveal much of the underwear (sagging) be banned in public places?
  2. Should educators conduct searches at colleges whenever they consider it necessary?
  3. Should death penalty be abolished?
  4. Should marijuana be legalized?

Science topics: Sociology

  1. Should people be charged with attempted murder if they know that they have AIDS and do not tell their sex partners about it?
  2. Should all handgun ownership be illegal?
  3. Should the father of a child have the right to prevent a woman from having an abortion?

Science topics: Health Care

  1. Should surrogate mothers have the right to change their mind?
  2. Can aborted fetuses be used for clinical research?
  3. Should pregnant women who are on drugs be obliged to have an abortion?

Science topics: Education

  1. Does No Child Left Behind Act do good or harm?
  2. Should school attendance be made voluntary?
  3. Should students add their teachers as friends on Facebook?

Science topics: Linguistics

  1. How did certain words become curse words?
  2. What are the oldest languages in the world?
  3. Why do attempts of modern linguists to push English spelling reform remain unsuccessful?

As you see, these 25 thought-provoking scientific topics are exactly what you have been searching for. Choosing any science topic from this list, you will not only enjoy your research and science experiments, but also receive excellent grades for your projects.