Properly Expressing Thoughts and Ideas in the Introduction Section of a Literature Term Paper
While it may be obvious that the average construction of a paragraph within a literature term paper contains a topic sentence and subsequent supporting details there is a world of difference between what can be considered average and exemplary and this can make the difference between getting an A+ or a mere B- in your paper. The introduction section of your paper must contain at the very least 3 paragraphs, each with its own topic sentence.
Creating the First Paragraph in your Paper
The first paragraph must have a topic sentence which introduces the topic being explored and should be short, succinct and immediately to the point. The supporting details within this paragraph of your paper should consist of three points explaining why the topic is interesting, how is it relevant and under what particular genre of literature the topic is under and why this is so.
Introducing the initial Arguments that will be utilized and explored in the body of the paper
The second paragraph of this section in your literature term papers must begin with what conflict, problem or adverse reaction you will explore within the body of the paper.
The supporting details in this section should show the importance of the problem in relation to the readings used in the paper, how the conflict affects storylines, character development or story progression and lastly you must compare the problem with other similar problems seen in pieces of literature you've read in the past.
This particular aspect of term papers in literature is particularly important since it sets the stage for a compare and contrast section within the body of your paper which can be used to bolster your arguments and subsequent conclusion.
Properly Ending the Introduction in your Paper
The third paragraph of the introduction section of your term paper in literature should have a topic sentence which explains why people should be interested in reading the body of your paper. This can take the guise of informing them of the relevance of the issue at hand, your unique view on the matter or how the comparison will give them a better insight into the piece of literature examined.
As such the supporting details in this section of literature term papers should indicate how you will proceed with the paper, how will the arguments will be arranged and what you expect the result will be. This paragraph should also contain your thesis topic; this is the most important section out of all the other parts of the paragraphs in your introduction since this will be the guide for all subsequent arguments and conclusions used in your literature term paper.