Accounting Essay The topic for accounting essays may appear to be the one which is difficult to determine. It can be explained by the fact that in most cases the essays of such type require the student’s knowledge of the subject as well as his/her ability to express the ideas logically and precisely.
However, no matter how difficult the assignment of topic selection for an essay on accounting occurs at the first sight, there are a multitude of ways to deal with it. This article is aimed at helping those who need to find a sustainable topic for an accounting essay.

The most suitable option for those who want to sound topical in their accounting essays is devoting their papers to the burning issues of modern accounting. To find them, one can consult such electronic journals, as:

  1. Accounting Today
  2. Journal of Accountancy
  3. Journal of Accounting Research
  4. Journal of Accounting and Economics
  5. Journal of Business, Finance, and Accounting

It can also be useful to search through the official site of the American Accounting Association.
After working with the mentioned sources, you will definitely choose some topic suitable for your accounting essay. However, in case you will still have any doubts about your future accounting essay, then following is the list of backup topics for your paper:

  1. Operating Cash Flow
  2. Options for Expensing Stock
  3. Analysis of Annual Costs
  4. Investing into a Dividend Yield
  5. Analysis of the State Stock
  6. Small Cap Stock
  7. Base Market Value Calculation
  8. Certain Company Level Control
  9. Reaching a Compensatory Balance
  10. Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System
  11. What is Negative Assurance
  12. How to Form a Non-for –Profit Organization
  13. How to Work with the Real Estate Investment Trust
  14. Claiming Withholding Allowances
  15. How to Get a Wrap-around Mortgage
  16. Certain Firm’s Cash Flow
  17. Premium on State’s Capital Stock
  18. Principles of Maintenance of Accounts
  19. Per Capita Income in Your Area
  20. Cases of X-Inefficiency

Hopefully, one of the abovementioned accounting essay topics suits you. In any case, remember that successful accounting essays are those that contain a good research and are educational for the readers.