Benefits of editing papers
It is said that there are no limits to perfection. Even if a writer is certain that he/she has polished the paper, a professional editor would point at its drawbacks and points that could be improved. Benefits of editing papers are obvious, as people knowing all the angles of the sphere would see the space for improvement after looking through the essay or a research project.
On the other hand, becoming an editor and revising the papers of one’s fellow students could be beneficial as well even if a person is uncertain in one’s abilities. Editing papers is a kind of assignment aimed at enhancing the learner’s awareness of the rules and requirements.
A number of surveys have proven that learners demonstrate more enthusiasm while correcting the mistakes of others than proofreading their own papers. Editing papers would motivate a student to learn the format requirements by heart and consult the reference literature every time it is necessary.
At the same time, it does not mean that these amateur editors have got excellent learning achievements. According to one of the proverbs, a person will see the speck in the brother’s eye but will not notice the beam in one’s own eye. Editing papers presupposes noticing the specks in the writer’s eye and helps to develop one’s own writing skills.
Hints for editing papers

  1. Editing papers of your fellow students, you should preserve their peculiar style and differentiate between grammar or logical mistakes and peculiarities of individual style.
  2. Make sure to consult reference literature every time you hesitate about the rule. Editing papers, avoid correcting mistakes if you are not certain about them.
  3. Try to take advantages from editing papers and implement the acquired knowledge, working on your own projects.