Diet Essay The twentieth century has seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of dieting practices. Nowadays, you can hardly meet a woman who has never kept to a diet or at least thought about it. Depending on the type of diet and way of dieting, there can be both advantages and disadvantages of this practice for your physical and mental condition. In your diet essay you get a perfect opportunity of expressing you opinion on the issue. Our diet essay writing guide will help you manage the issue efficiently!

Diet Essay: Deciding on the Topic
Dieting is such a widespread phenomenon nowadays that there is an enormous range of issues you may want to discuss in your diet essay. The following topics are suitable:

  • how the notion of dieting appeared and developed into various dieting practices;
  • national cuisines and religious fasts as a special type of diet;
  • various personal motivation for dieting;
  • the dangers of spontaneous dieting; etc.

Diet Essay: Drawing Information Together
When you know the topic for your diet essay, you still need to develop it. For this purpose you need to complete the following procedures:

  1. Select specific ideas and controversial issues of dieting you would focus upon;
  2. Select supporting information from credible research on dieting;
  3. Organize all the ideas and information in a neat outline.

Diet Essay: Writing the Paper
Fully prepared to write your diet essay, proceed doing it according to the scheme provided below:

  • Introduction: bring in the topic and highlight the controversial points; state your position in a thesis;
  • Body: in separate paragraphs discuss one supporting idea per paragraph; back up your arguments with examples and quotations;
  • Conclusion: summarize your diet essay and emphasize the convincingness of your arguments.

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