Theatre and literature are closely connected. The origins of theatrical plays are mostly found in literature. Some directors read books or scripts and see how the events can be presented in a theatrical performance or a thrilling movie. Imagination plays a decisive role while interpreting the words from the paper into the act by actors and musicians.
Initiative by actors is invited in order to make the performance more innovative or provocative. As you know, actors are creative people; they need some scandalous actions as a way to maintain their popularity. Cabaret is a famous Broadway musical that made the phrase “Life is a cabaret” very popular in terms of number of citations and Cabaret essays written about it. Academic writing includes Cabaret essays as a type of papers based on certain sources, suchlike adaptations of books, plays, and other works of literature for television, cinema, and theatre.
Some Interesting Topics for a Cabaret Essay
If you do not know what to write about, you should watch the musical or the movie at least to be able to choose a topic for your Cabaret essay.

  • You can dwell on the effectiveness of an image established by Liza Minnelli for the popular musical in your Cabaret essay.
  • Topics of songs performed in the Cabaret can be analyzed in terms of events that take place in finance, politics, and society in your Cabaret essay. You can find lyrics of songs that are appealing to you and consider their external presentation and internal meaning in a Cabaret essay.
  • Do you like this musical? You can assess it or compare with other popular musicals in your Cabaret essay.

Choose a topic for your Cabaret essay and develop it accordingly.
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