The word “therapy” is not always associated with something pleasant. However, hearing the expression “art therapy”, one instantly fills with positive emotions and recollects about something beautiful and pleasing. This article will help to write the art therapy essays which will address the audience successfully.
When writing art therapy essays, it is rather important to imagine the audience. Depending on who will read your work, you will have to adapt the content and the language of your art therapy essays.
The potential readers of your art therapy essay can be divided into two groups:

  • specialists
  • nonspecialits

Specialists have significant background in art therapy and experience of working in this field, including both practice and research. Nonspecialists have weak background or no background at all. Correspondingly, their expectations from your art therapy essay will be different:

  1. Specialists expect to find some new knowledge, innovative methods or theoretical findings. What they want about your art therapy essays is to learn something useful for their practice or research.
  2. Nonspecialists expect to find the general explanations and the recommendations. What they want about your art therapy essays is to understand how art therapy can help them.

Thus, when writing an art therapy essay, keep this difference in mind. When addressing to the specialists, follow the recommendations below:

  • be specific
  • use scientific terms
  • refer to the existing background
  • focus on the mechanisms of the therapy art effects
  • provide the recommendations useful for the art therapy practice

When writing an art therapy essay for the nonspecialists, act like follows:

  1. be general
  2. provide much background
  3. use simple words
  4. describe the procedures and the possible effects
  5. explain who can use the art therapy and for what purpose
  6. outline the advantages of the art therapy

To make your art therapy essays the works of art, keep the general essay structure and provide interesting facts and figures.
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