Perhaps the ultimate objective of any technical writing course is writing a technology term paper. You definitely spend a long time preparing for this challenging final assignment. A technology term paper would actually allow you to implement all your previously gained knowledge. The success of your technology term paper is by large defined by how well you organize it employing special graphic illustration and section headings.
Technology Term Paper: Where to Start
In order to succeed in writing your technology term paper, you should initially consider the following criteria of your assignment:

  1. paper topic: make it as narrow as possible;
  2. paper audience: decide on the addressee and the context of the report;
  3. paper purpose: define what needs of the audience the report should fulfill;
  4. paper type.

Technology Term Paper: Types
Depending on the peculiarities of your technology course, you may prefer to engage in writing a technology term paper of the following types:

  • technical background report: provides specific background on a chosen topic;
  • instructions: manuals or backup procedures;
  • feasibility, recommendation, and evaluation reports: researches a problem and provides recommendations;
  • primary research report: reports experiments and surveys additionally explaining the background of the problem and research methodology;
  • technical specifications: discusses a new product widely applying graphics, lists, and tables;
  • report-length proposal: an elaborate report including, inter alia, feasibility discussion, review of literature, and qualifications;
  • business plan: a proposal to start a new business or to extend an existing one.

Depending on the type of technology term paper you choose to write, proceed further with your research, writing, and formatting, which should comply with your school’s requirements.
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